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Anonymous Claims Harms Israel Sites About 3 Billion Dollars


Anonymous hacker group claimed to have attacked more than 100 thousand Israel Government site on April 14 and caused losses of more than three billion u.s. dollars.

Anonymous, the @Op_Israel Twitter account, calling their cyber attacks also led to the 40 thousand Facebook page, five thousand Twitter account, 30 thousand Israel bank account.

Cyber attacks group hackers global Internet networks that mainly led to the Israel Ministry of defence site,, and accompanied by a threat to destroy it.

Anonymous Claims Harms Israel Sites About 3 Billion Dollars

A number of sites that have been compromised Israel’s rule of Anonymous, called CNET, among others, the Israel Police website of the Prime Minister, the security authority sites, the site of the Ministry of immigration, statistical website.

However, the head of the Agency of Israel national cyber, Yitzhak Ben Yisrael, saying the attack minimal impact on Anonymous sites the main Jewish Government.

“Anonymous does not have the expertise to damage the country’s vital infrastructure. And if that is the goal, then they will not announce the attack before, “says Yitzhak.

The cyber attack is the second cyber attack to the Internet sites of the Israeli government after the attack in November 2012.

Government Internet site Israel attacked more than 44 million hackers followed air strikes Israel over Gaza, the Palestinian territory.

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