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How to Keep Your iPhone Battery Remains Durable and Long Lasting


As you know the iPhone is a smart phone that is famous for wasteful batteries. But it was not because of the failure of the product, usually this is due to the lack of the iPhone is managed.

There are many things that can make your iPhone battery wastes, one of which is to enable a wireless network and often you download applications through your iPhone.

A hardware can not be denied the limited resilience. So it is with Your iPhone smart phones. The battery is the most important thing for any electronic product.

How to Keep Your iPhone Battery Remains Durable and Long Lasting

There are a few simple tips and tricks from that can keep your iPhone battery remains durable and long-lasting:

  1. Do not let the iPhone using the wrapper during the charging process, because these wrappers can be made mobile phone overheat conditions.
  2. Use the Auto-Brightness feature, this feature by turning on your iPhone will automatically adjust according to the light conditions around. This can save battery life at a time when the condition of light around you.
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi can also affect battery performance, because if you turn on Wi-Fi then automatically iPhone will continue to capture and find the signal. This will cause the battery quickly runs out.
  4. Turn off the Bluethooth when not in use.
  5. Turn off GPS feature. This feature is usually only required at the time along the way, so it’s good if you turn off when not in use.
  6. Use the Auto-Lock, because this little thing will save battery life a lot more. If you do not enable this feature then your iPhone will be in Standby conditions and ate batteries.
  7. Make it a habit to update your iPhone with the latest software. Usually on a new piece of software that would have included a number of battery saver feature that you can use.
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