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Be OnCall for your Patients with an Answering Service


There are a number of home health answering services, but only one award winning service standing ready to meet the needs of the patient, home health agency and doctor, for the benefit of all patients on home health care.

There are various degrees of stress stemming from caring for a loved one at home under the direction of a doctor and home health service. When the primary doctor has ordered a nurse, and a visiting doctor to visit a patient’s home at intervals it is to relieve stress levels of the patient and assure comfort, patient satisfaction, speed the healing process or give comfort during the patients last days.

It makes no difference whether the patient is in a healing process or is terminal; comfort is the main objective. Each patient contracted under the home health agency is number one. All patients feel as though they come first when they need help from the home health agency professional.

Be OnCall for your Patients with an Answering Service

Home health agencies, primary doctors and visiting doctor agencies can only thieve if their patients remain happy and content with their care. Patient satisfaction is the number one concern of these medical agencies. These agencies consider each patient as the most important patient on their daily rooster. The medical field is a 24-hour a day business, seven days a week, to alleviate stress and get medical questions answered through the home health answering service after hours.

No medical person can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but the professional can be on-call for his or her patient through a home health answering service. It is for this reason that home health agencies, doctors, and visiting doctors have set up home health answering services to meet patient needs.

Home health agencies have a rotating staff to share patient calls and patient problems. This type of answering service helps to connect the troubled patient with the professional medical staff on-call who will have the correct answers to their immediate health concerns.

Many people, when they are ill become irritated, frustrated and scared if they have to navigate a voice command system during a crisis with their health. The patient needing help wants to talk with a live person immediately, not an automated system.

Just any answering service will not work for home health agencies, and doctors. This medical answering service attunes to ill patients and specific patient concerns. This home health answering service has live operators standing by to connect the patient to a live professional who is able to calm their fears or pay them an extra visit outside regular hours.

These trained professionals in the answering service utilize a special type of service not seen with other answering centers. These professionals adhere 100 percent to all HIPAA laws and secure personal and sensitive medical information.

This service can set the patient up on a conference call or emergency visit with the nurse or doctor on call if this is what the patient desires.

In Conclusion,

No medical professional or medical agency will prosper financially without a guarantee of patient satisfaction 24 hours a day seven days a week in all areas of medical care. Out of all home health answering services available, be sure to call one award winning medical answering service that will work for the patient and the professional.

About the author: 

Being a nurse for 45 years, working in just about every realm of medicine has given the expertise and experience to this nurse, never thought possible. Now retired from nursing this writer lends her experience and expertise for two writing sites.

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