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9 Tips & How to Care for a Printer to be Durable and Long Lasting


The Printer is a mandatory requirement for the owner of a Computer, Office space, Shops, etc. The Printer is a tool that you can use to print a document in the form of either writing, image, and other from computer to paper media or the like.

The Printer is available in a variety of brands that outstanding on the market such as the Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon, Lexmark, etc.

In addition to the various brands that are provided, you must know several types of printers are available in the market, i.e., inkjet printers, laser jet printers, and dot matrix printers. The usual Printers into one package with the purchase of the new printers are inkjet printers.

9 Tips & How to Care for a Printer to be Durable and Long Lasting - epson inkjet printer

Inkjet printers are type printers that use tube of ink content outside the printer so you don’t have to bother to unpack the printer if the recharge ink. This Printer is most widely used by the public or small businesses such as internet cafes. This is because the prices of inkjet printers are relatively inexpensive.

There are several brands of inkjet printers are recommended i.e. Canon MP 258, Epson L200, HP F2476. But if you want a cheap printer can choose Epson L100 and Epson L200.

Disadvantages of inkjet printers and other printers is on the damage. Given the printer is one of the important tools, then you should take care your the printer properly. There are a few tips from on caring for inkjet printers, laser printers, as well as regular printer that enabling durable and long lasting:

  1. Use the printer as often as possible, lest the printer is not used at all. Inkjet printers are not in use in long time will cause the ink head cartridge is dry, so it will clog the printing process.
  2. Take advantage of the Clean Head on the printer periodically to keep ink out smoothly.
  3. Keep the printer clean  regularly, do not let any foreign objects that enter the printer that causing crashes and wasn’t durable.
  4. Turn off the printer with the power button, in order to position the cartridge back in place correctly. Therefore do not get used to turning off the printer through the stop contact.
  5. Make sure the paper according to the printer. The paper conditions should fit not too thin or too thick, and the most important paper is not tangled in order for the printer remains durable and long lasting.
  6. Use the refill ink recommended for the prints results of printer still quality.
  7. Ink refill immediately if it shows signs of running out. The ink is empty will cause blockage of the head cartridge.
  8. It is recommended not to dismantle the printer casing if not expert, because little mistakes will cause damage.
  9. Do not touch the cartridge chips by hand, as this may affect the flow of static electricity and disrupted the component.

With 9 How to care for a printer to be durable and long lasting like the above are expected to be useful to you all. Good luck!!

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3 Responses to “9 Tips & How to Care for a Printer to be Durable and Long Lasting”

  1. bigdog says:

    You forgot the most important point of all for inkjets – don’t use cheapo, shitty refilled cartridges, they are NOT the same as new, genuine cartridges

  2. amiend says:

    please update the blog tutorial “how to make a calendar in addition to the blog post” I need it. Ok!

  3. says:

    thanks’s for sharing tips for printer 🙂


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