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Cleaning the Fuser Printer Hp Laserjet 2400


Here is how to clean Fuser Hp Laserjet 2400 Printers.

Run the printer cleaning page to keep the fuser free of toner and paper particles that can sometimes accumulate. Accumulation of toner and particles can cause specks to appear on the front or back side of your print jobs.

To ensure optimum print quality, HP recommends that you use the cleaning page every time that you replace the print cartridge or on an automatic interval that you can set up. The cleaning procedure takes about 2.5 minutes to complete. A CLEANING message appears on the printer control panel display while the cleaning is taking place.

To run the cleaning page

In order for the cleaning page to work correctly, print the page on copier-grade paper (not bond, heavy, or rough paper).

  1. If your printer model includes a duplexer, open the rear output bin.
  2. Press MENU to open the menus.
  3. Use (UP button) or (DOWN button) to scroll to CONFIGURE DEVICE, and then press (SELECT button).
  4. Use (UP button) or (DOWN button) to scroll to PRINT QUALITY, and then press (SELECT button).
  5. Use (UP button) or (DOWN button) to scroll to CREATE CLEANING PAGE, and then press (SELECT button).
  6. Follow the instructions on the cleaning page to complete the cleaning process.
  7. If your printer model includes a duplexer, close the rear output bin.
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