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Click Fraud on my Google Adsense, What should I do?


Someone doing click fraud on my website, what should I do? Perhaps that question would you ask when there is someone doing click fraud or invalid click activity on your Google Adsense account or when you accidentally clicked Google Adsense on your website. Don’t panic..! You can report every invalid click on your Adsense to Google through this page: report invalid clicks. Although publishers are not permitted to click their own Adsense but that accidental click may occur.

What is click fraud? Click fraud or fraud click is invalid click are generated through prohibited methods such as: repeat manual clicks, use of robot, using automatic clicking tool (automated script) or other deceptive software. Click fraud is a type of internet crime that occurs on pay per click advertising such as Google Adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, Etc.

How I report click fraud on my Adsense when this occurs? Reporting click fraud will prevent your Google Adsense account being banned from Google. To report fraud click open the report invalid clicks link. Fill the form and click submit.

I upload this article after I get invalid click on my Google Adsense account. I get more 1400 click just in two minutes when my Adsense impression 2200 only. 🙁 I hope this article can help other Google publisher that getting click fraud on their Google Adsense website. I can’t upload the screenshot on my Google Adsense account because it’s violating the TOS.

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2 Responses to “Click Fraud on my Google Adsense, What should I do?”

  1. Sbastian John says:

    thanks for your information.. Someone doing click fraud on my website too.. I’ve doing your tips.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Nice!!! Thank you for sharing


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