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Create Full Screen-Shot of a Website with SiteShoter


SiteShoter is a small tools and its portable and also free that allows user to create and save full screen-shot of a  Web page into a images file. The SiteShoter software automatically creates hidden window Internet Explorer, loads the desired web page and than save the entire content of the web page into an image file. The output images file supported with SiteShoter software is PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP and GIF.

With SiteShoter software you can create full screen shot a website from header until the website footer easily. I have tried this software to capture blog and the result like the picture in this link: Full Screen-Shot

SiteShoter software compatible with Windows XP, Window 2003 Server, and Windows Vista but you can also using this software in Windows 2000, if GDI+ is installed in the windows system.If not you may need install GDI+ in your windows system before using this free software.

How to Create Full Screen-Shot a Website Using SiteShoter

To use SiteShoter no require instalation. Here how to use siteshooter software:

  • Download siteshooter software and extract.
  • Goto extracted folder, run aplication file named ” SiteShoter.exe”.
  • Enter blog/website URL address (1). Set destination folder and file name (2). To capture a website/blog from header to footer check this option (3).
  • Click start button to capture the website.

The SiteShoter software can be download from following link: (This software is small and free)

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