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Resetter Epson C90, C58, C67, C79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900


This Reset methode using software resetter (adjustment program) for epson c90, c58, C67, c79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900 has been tested. Some user reported view an message error on their computer when running the software reseter. If you see error message like “this program cannot be used”, “expired” or like that you shluld read the article “How to Run Adjustment Program for Epson Printers Whitout Error (for All Version)“to solve the error message.

To prevent error when running the adjustment program please read carefuly following instructions in order to run software resetter epson c90, c58, C67, c79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900 without error, please Change your PC date setting to :

  • 1 Mar 2006 for Resetter Epson C67
  • 24 Jul 2007 for Resetter epson C90
  • 9 Nov 2006 for Resetter epson C58
  • 10 Nov 2006 for Resetter Epson C79
  • 18 Jan 2007 for Resetter Epson R270
  • 1 jan 2007 for Resetter Epson R390
  • 13 february 2007 for Resetter Epson RX650
  • 23 january 2007 for Resetter Epson CX3900

To download software resetter for epson or adjustment program, you can googling it in internet. (sorry, all download link removed from this page because violation Epson intellectual property)

If any error when running Program Resetter, following this instructions :

  1. Delete the folder on “C:\Adjustments_Programs\Stylus XXX” on your PC.
  2. Open registry editor and navigate to : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | EPSON | PTSG | Stylus CXX.
  3. Delete registry key “Stylus CXX or Stylus RXX” (note: XX is version of  software resetter)
  4. Close registry editor and then Reboot your PC.

To Reset Waste Ink Counter at Epson C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900

  1. Extrac file Adjustment Program you was download
  2. Switch on printer
  3. RUN AdjProg.exe file for Epson Stylus C58, C67, C79, C90, R270, RX650, CX3900 from the extracted folder
  4. choose Particular adjustment mode
  5. Go to interview Then select waste Ink pad counter then click ok
  6. Klik initialization button to clear Waste Ink Pad counter to zero
  7. Once you press Initialize button, you can see its completion message, so that press OK button
  8. To Read Status Counter Press Read button, you can see the current counter value.
  9. Turn off the printer for 5secs then turn again
  10. After you the reset successful, you can change the date setting back to normal again

note: You can get most software resetter in internet. It just tutorial, I’m not share the software because the Epson adjustment program is intellectual property of Epson

Posted by Fz 77 Responses

77 Responses to “Resetter Epson C90, C58, C67, C79, R270, R390, RX650, CX3900”

  1. farhan says:

    Dear, I have successfuly installed the above software…but i m facing problem “INK OUT ERROR”..please help me in this problem..thanx

  2. Fauzan says:

    “INK OUT ERROR” is indications the ink empty, but epson c90 cartridges cannot be refill, solution replace the original chips cartridge with autoreset chips or use new cartridges

  3. The_Bandit says:

    Great!!! It worked on my Epson C90. It reset back Waste Ink counter to 0%. Thanks a lot!!!

  4. The_Bandit says:

    BTW… my Epson C90 have Continuous Ink Supply System with Auto Reset Chips.

  5. fauzan says:

    original chips epson c90 cannot be reset, this methode to reset waste ink counter for the epson c90

  6. Jess says:

    hi! i followed your instructions but i got
    || ERROR ||
    This program cannot be used.

    and the program exits and all extracted files were erased!

    Please help. Im using Windows XP SP2

  7. fauzan says:

    hi jess, maybe you not yet change date setting in your computer, to change pc date setting click START-CONTROL PANEL-DATE and TIME (in classic view). good luck.

  8. Teoh says:

    Hi, i get the same error as Jess, rrg change the date setting , can pls further explain change which date setting ?


  9. jagdish says:

    dear ur infomation is too helpful and noe i need epson cx2800 resatter my printer is showen 2 led blinking 1. paper led 2. ink led is blinking i think i need resatter

  10. mygdani says:

    Muchas Gracias, work perfect, thank you.

  11. Sherwin says:

    My epson C110 always says there’s no ink! is there an ink resetter software instead of the reset chip? thanks for your help!

  12. Ragu says:

    i want Auto Reset Chips or Continuous Ink Supply System for epson c58 printer

  13. zellpod says:

    Hi. My computer set Date January 1 2007 But it not work || ERROR ||
    This program cannot be used.
    please help me my printer R390 and windows xp SP2 too.

  14. Fauzan says:


    IF you see error when running this software, please delete this entry from your pc :

    – Delete the folder in “C:\Adjustments_Programs\Stylus XXX” on your PC.

    and delete regsitry key in


    after all entry deleted, rerun the software

  15. Zahid says:

    i have done all the above steps.
    changed the date successful.

    but still it gives me error.

    n i cannot locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | EPSON | PTSG | Stylus C390.

    plz tell me where to dele this thing from n how?
    plz help

  16. Fauzan says:

    I don’t know where is the error. I recheck adjustment program esson c390 and work for me.

  17. ver says:

    do you have a software reseter for EPSON T10? tnx!

  18. Fauzan says:

    @ver, sorry I don’t have software resetter for epson t10

  19. ver says:

    where can i get software reseter for CANON IP1980? do you have to reset brother printers like resetting the waste ink pad of epson printers? and also which one do you think is the recommended printer for business? tnx Fauzan.

  20. marcos says:

    muito bom o post, resolveu meu problema, obrigado e continue assim.

  21. almhie dejesus says:

    hi to all.. we have all the same problem with epson printer. Light is blinking . both yellow and orange. and ive done my research on how can i fix it my self, than to buy a new one. Hahaha.. at last.. got this informations and download the this program to reset the inkwaste of my printer.. and i carefully followed all the procedures .. and at last.. wheu…. its working now.. thanks.. beleive me it was so easy.. just follow the procedure.

  22. zmthant says:

    Anyone can send me MP 145 Ink Reseter at Simple6758 @

  23. Mr Tien says:

    Thanks so much

  24. Mum says:


    it works for my C67

  25. elaine says:

    Where can i find this HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | SOFTWARE | EPSON | PTSG | Stylus CXX. and the registry key? i can’t find it in our drives. thanks

  26. Fauzan says:

    @ elaine , when run the adjustment program and error, You can see the registry key.
    If no error when run the adjustment the registry key not found in the registry entry

  27. gubz says:

    dear, i reached the click initialization button, and then the completion dialog box appeared, i clicked ok but this message appeared “communication error 20000010″….what should i do? my printer still has blinking lights (the power and orange button).


  28. Fauzan says:

    @Gubz, the possibility that something error in your printer, check cable, driver, etc.
    I never experienced it cause any error in printer driver

  29. Zander says:

    Sir Fauzan,

    Do you know where can i find resetter for TX100 epson?

    Here’s my YM

  30. gubz says:

    tnx fauzan…but i checked and rechecked d cables several times. still d same error. before clicking initialization, i noticed that d counter is blank, as well as the percent. is this really normal? pls help. i still could not make it work.

    tnx so much

  31. pooku says:

    thank for god

  32. Fauzan says:

    hi Gubz, error “20000010” caused the adjustment not detect the printer

  33. gubz says:

    hi fauzan, tnx for ur time and effort… but what should i do so that adjustment program could detect the printer. all cables are ok. i still could not make it. the printer head also is not moving. there is only the flashing of red and green lights in my printer…pls help! tnx

  34. Fauzan says:

    Try to reset your printer on another computer.

  35. gubz says:

    dear fauzan!

    tnx so much! ur an angel! i did it! i reset in using another comp! it works well now. tnx for saving me time and money! more power!


  36. Monir Hossain says:

    I feel sofme of problem my epson t10 Printer, its may be resetter problem, who I solve the problem

  37. Spot BR says:

    Fauzan you I looked everywhere for a solution to this problem, use the program on another PC was the salvation, excuse my bad english I’m from Brazil, thank you very much for your help

  38. AuSh says:

    Sir, can i ask if this program can be used to make non compatible cartridge work..
    My printer is epson c90..

  39. alfarais says:

    thank you…

  40. jason says:

    gud day! im using epson c90 continuous ink. ive already followed ur procedure change date and delete the adjustment program. but still it wil not reset. this will appear on screen ERROR program cannot be used. please help me on this. tnx!

  41. Dave says:

    Thank you. Saved me the embarrassment of a printer under warranty with a fantastic CISS attached.

  42. Ray Gou says:

    I submit a Epson C67 to reset and only received ERROR 20000010

  43. atjoenk says:

    thank’s for resetter….

  44. Fz says:

    @Ray Gou, I suggest reset your printer in other computer, ERROR 20000010 causes with adjustment program ot detect the printer or printer not installed correctly

  45. bandit says:

    thanks man!!!

  46. fenachex says:

    Salut buat lo yg mau berbagi…..thanks berat friend !

  47. REYMUNA says:

    mas…. gmna cra ngereset printir Hp. vrsi. D2xx yg pake ctride 60

  48. almond says:

    why i can’t use the c79 adjustment program it says an error of this progam cannot be used

  49. almond says:

    pls help me to my problem in my epson c79 printer

  50. Fz says:

    @almond, change date setting in your pc to 10 Nov 2006 to run Adjustment C79 without error. If you still see same error maybe this tutorial can solve your problem: run adjustment withour error

  51. Papa-Figo says:

    Fz, in my R270 when I press the power button, just the ink light turn on; when I leave the power button, the ink light turn off and the printer turn off too. Have moments when the ink light stay turn on very weak and I have to turn off from the eletric energy. Any trick? Sorry my poor english. Thanks.

  52. Papa-Figo says:

    Note: I change the date, restart the computer, but the program do not can comunicate with the printer.

  53. Fz says:

    @Papa-Figo, Your problem seems like the Gubz’s problem. Please read the previous comments to your solutions.

  54. Papa-Figo says:

    Fz, I try in other computer but the problem continue. The Gubz’s printer flash the lights green and red, but in here just the ink red light flash when I press to turn on the printer. I will go in the Epson and post the result. Thanks for help.

  55. Fz says:

    @Papa-Figo, There may be a problem with your chips cartridge of your printer. The solution you must reset the chips cartridge using Cartridge resetter tools. Adjustment Program can not be used to reset the chips cartridge. You can buy chips resetter in computer store

  56. meshmulili says:

    plz guyz am requesting for resetter for epson tx 700 w

  57. Kiwi Mike says:

    HI FZ, thanks for the info.

    I´m thinking about buying a cheap c67 but i only want to print in black. If the colour cartridges are empty will this software let me continue?


  58. Fz says:

    @Kiwi Mike, if the counter on the cartridge’s chips you can continue using your printer but if ink level on the cartridge has full you must reset the chips using cartridge resetter. software resetter cannot be use to reset cartridge it’ sonly be used to reset waste ink counter on the cartridge

  59. Elmo says:

    If you guys don’t understand the regedit step, all you have to do is delete EVERYTHING under PTSG folder, including the Stylus XXX.

  60. octavius says:

    ineed help.i’m reset my epson r265 vith adjustable program and now i have R270!!! how to make it again r265???

  61. Fz says:

    @octavius, I think to return the printer as previously, you must reset your printer with adjustment program R265 but I don’t have the adjustment program for your printer model

  62. galang says:

    thanks for all …………. !!!!!!!!!!

  63. iie says:

    fz i already download and do exactly what it say.. but still my r390 keep saying waste ink pad bla bla bla…

    and when i want to try again with that program. the exe wont open.. error, this program cannot be used..

  64. Fz says:

    @iie, you must set the date setting on your PC accordance with the software resetter. I have mentioned above the date setting and before run the the adjustment again you must solve the error, please follow the instruction mentioned on this article to solve the error

  65. james says:

    im asking about the cis for epson stylus t10.., the same bayung cis t10 to c90?

  66. Sergio (chile) says:

    for the C79, the date is 02/11/2006

  67. niam says:

    I followed all the steps recommended but the error message still appears . I need your help

  68. Fz says:

    @niam, can you posted the error message here? maybe I can help you to solve the problem

  69. Mudasir says:

    Hi all
    I have Problem my Epson r270 is need reset protection counter and i have down load reseter rar but it is cotaining an error and not work please help me

  70. Fz says:

    @Mudasir, can you tell me the error code, maybe I can help you to solve your printer problem

  71. Helmi says:

    Communication Error!
    Error code : 20000010

    what should i do..?

  72. kofi says:

    Can any1 please help me out. Trying to reset my epson r390 but it says communication error..

  73. Dinesh kr says:

    i ….think its not working for windows 7 [i’m using win 7 pro right now ] when i run AdjProg.exe suddenly a __”t”__ bat file runs and delete every thing in the folder ..i changed date of my pc to 2-4-2007 , i used safe mode , i changed date by command line but nothing happen !!

    please help if i did anything wrong the process !!

    [on___ []___]

  74. Enrico Kartanadi says:

    yes, this programs can’t work with windows 7. The USB port can’t detect epson C67. I try this programs with windows XP and it’s work.

    For Kofi : u have same problems with me. communication error when i’m using windows 7, but when i use windows XP, it’s work very well..

  75. kingsly says:

    how do I reset my rx595 printer

  76. Khrawsa says:

    I have problem for C58. the cartridge black is not function… I put a new cartridge but
    they don’t work… I don’t know what to do please tell me…

  77. miguel says:

    Fantástico!!!!! funcionó perfecto!!!!!!
    qué hijos de puta estos de epson que hacen, no solo tener que comprar los insumos carísimos, sino de tanto en tanto, tengas que llevar la impresora al servicio técnico.


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