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Essential Questions to Ask Before You Build a Website


If you’re planning on building a website for yourself, you really can’t go rushing into it. If you want your website to help you accomplish your goals, you’re going to need to put some thought into what you’re going to do. By asking the following essential questions first, you’ll end up with a fantastic website:

What Do We Want This Website to Achieve?

Before you build your website, you need to know what you want it to achieve. This will help you to take it in the right direction and monitor your results to ensure that everything you’re doing is working. Do you want to make sales, or simply raise awareness? Make sure you define your objectives before you begin. Go into detail!

Who Are Our Audience?

You must know who your audience is before doing anything to do with business. How else will you ensure that you target them in the most effective way? You’ll need to target them with the colors, language, and imagery you use. Not to mention your social profiles and other marketing strategies! Know exactly who your audience are, and what they like and don’t like.

Are We Keeping SEO Practices in Mind?

You must keep SEO practices in mind if you expect your site to get anywhere at all. If you don’t use SEO, your site can get lost among the sea of other websites online. It can be costly, but it’s important.

Are We Prepared to Create Original Content?

If you want your site to be successful, you need to be prepared to create original content. Unique, original content is king, and will keep your audience coming back. Some say your site design doesn’t even need to be all that; if your content is quality, that’s enough.

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Is it Worth Outsourcing the Job?

If you’re not totally confident, it might be worth outsourcing the job to somebody who knows what they’re doing, like a WordPress developer. It’ll cost you, but it’ll be worth it. They’ll create your site with SEO practices in mind, as well as your audience, so all you have to do is create and upload the content. Making a website can be a grueling process, so you need to be realistic about the time you have.

Are We Prepared to Split Test?

Split testing is an ongoing process that helps you to test your site and how well it’s working. You change one small thing at a time and send both versions of your site to different halves of your audience. Then you see which does better. You continue to do this until you have the best version of your site!

When you’ve asked yourself these questions, you should know exactly what your site needs and how you’re going to make it. You need to be patient; making a quality site takes time. Putting in the work at this point will mean you can relax later on. You need to keep your audience in mind at all times, so consider them first and foremost.

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