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How to Care for Laptop LCD for Durable and Long Lasting


Laptop LCD is one important part of the  Laptop. In addition if there a damage, the Laptop LCD prices are still pretty expensive. Laptop LCD damage can come from many factors, as the factory default or from human factor itself is not caring for the LCD form properly.

A problem that often you encounter on the Laptop LCD is usually striped appearance, less sharp, vibrating and the screen display blank. There are some Laptop LCD that cannot be dealt with repair and must be replaced namely Laptop LCD using neon or inverter for the backlight.

How to Care for Laptop LCD for Durable and Long Lasting

How to care for a less correct LCD also became one of the the trigger the occurrence of damage to the LCD. Don’t you equate between the PC LCD and laptop LCD, because the PC LCD is more powerful and resistant. The longer the laptop is turned on, it will be getting hot laptop condition it though in the laptop there is a cooling fan. The overheating condition indirectly also may damage your laptop LCD condition.

Here the tips how to take care of laptop LCD so durable and long-lasting:

1. Clean the Laptop LCD:  Laptop LCD cleaning we recommend that you do on a regular basis with special cleaner and with a rag smooth the surface.

2. Monitor Laptop Usage Time: If you use a laptop more than 3 hours in a row, so that makes it durable LCD turn off for a moment about 10 minutes, then turn it on again.

3. Adjust the Brightness of the Laptop LCD: Use the contras and berightness that are not too light on laptop settings.

4. Use Standby: If you are not using a laptop you should perform Standby or hibernate when processing Shutdown.

5. Open and close correctly: Opening and closing the LCD is also the most important part that you should not forget. Open and close the laptop LCD correctly by holding it from both sides of the sides, not from it, because at the top there is a vulnerable block damage.

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