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Tips in Choosing GSM/CDMA USB Modem is the Best and Cheap


As you know there are two modem types: GSM and CDMA. On GSM Modem, sim card card used special GSM cards. On CDMA modem card used special CDMA SIM cards.

Understanding the modem itself is a device that connects a computer to the internet network. Modem stands for Modulator-Demodulator, which Modulate the process of translators from digital to analog so that data can be transmitted and vice versa.

The Modem may be referred to as a Wireless Internet technology is moving. The internet connection that is used current modem with HSDPA technology (High Speed Packet Access) or UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication Systems).

Maybe this time You used call it 3.5 G technology. device used named USB stick Modem GSM/CDMA could be carried everywhere like a Flash Disk. Because of its small, allowing Laptop users took it to access the internet anywhere and anytime.

Tips on Choosing GSM - CDMA USB Modem is the Best and Cheap

With so many types and brands of modems may be adding to the confusion for those who will buy it. Here are tips from in choosing the best CDMA/GSM USB Modem before you disappointed later.

  1. Type of Modem
    Type of modem here is divided into two, namely GSM and CDMA. On GSM modem can only be filled by a GSM SIM Card. On CDMA, usually can only be filled CDMA SIM Card.
  2. Quality of Modem
    Cheap doesn’t mean bad, but expensive also not means good. Before buying, you should pay attention to quality. Catching a good signal, the installation is not complicated, and driver support to your OS are some of the things that must be considered.
  3. Modem Software
    Please select a software modem that has a full internet settings. Setting modem there are two, namely setting Modem Locked and Unlocked. On the modem is locked, you can not replace the SIM card provider because the software has such gives a chance. This type of Modem usually has built-in with one provider. Better choose Modem Unlocked so you can switch the SIM Card from a different provider.
  4. Modem Warranty
    Warranty is one of the factors that can not be underestimated. The Modem is a hardware device that isn’t always perfect, therefore warranty needed for further treatment. Warranty usually ranges from 6 months to 1 year’s.
  5. Modem Facility
    Please choose a modem with many features in it, such as the speed of 3.6 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps Modem can use the Micro-SD Card slot, support external Indoor and outdoor Antennas, GPS features, etc.

The shortcomings of bundling modem that is often in Lock, in terms of the modem could not be used by another operator card, if you often change the operator it will be good if you bought a modem unlock only (not the bundling program operator).

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