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How to Maximize and Speed up Mobile Phone Performance or Android Tablet


Do you have a mobile phone or android tablet? If you have, did your android device performance has been up as expected, or even slow and sometimes error.

Although still is free, after the longer used are gradually the ability to decrease. Then how to deal with it, if your android device already feels response was slowing.

Android uses the prosessor in order for its performance remains stable and respond quickly to our commands. And there is an internal memory to run a command with save the cache to quickly repeating the same commands at a later time.

How to Maximize and Speed up Mobile Phone Performance or Android Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

Here are some tips from to maximize the Android performance:

Set Back the Device
Games or the Android application already installed using the memory that is larger than the size when downloaded. For example, you download the Android application 5 MB, but once installed can be 10 MB even more. Can be used in a simple way, go into settings Select application management. There are running applications, set the option Force Stop or Clear data. Also, be aware of your homescreen widget, the more an animated it will cause drained her memory.

Use the Supporting Application
Use multiple applications if your memory performance are not maximum again. Can a try by installing some applications:

  1. Optimus Root Memory Optimizer: provides 3 settings, moderate, balanced and Extreme. Useful to kill the application that already exceeds the memory.
  2. Advanced Task Killer: the Application can be made autostart to close the application wants eliminated. Kill selected apperance. Done.
  3. Apps 2 SD: Artificial application by Sam Lu, could use on minimum Android Froyo 2.2. if have big memory, and not yet can installing automatically in the external memory, App 2 SD can be useful.

You can also fiddle on the root to be able to speed up the performance of Android. May be useful.

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