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How to Run Epson Adjustment Program on Windows 7


You can use this tricks to reset Epson printer using adjustment program in Windows 7. Some adjustment program can not be used on Windows 7 and when run the software, windows 7 will show message “Not found DLL files. This program will be shut down” it caused the adjustment program designed for Windows XP and not compatible in windows 7.

Is there any way to run Epson adjustment program on Windows 7? To prevent adjustment program error when run in Windows 7 you can use compatibility mode to run the software resetter.

The Windows error message when run adjustment program without compatibility mode

Windows 7 error - adjustment

How to run adjustment program in Windows 7

  1. Select the software resetter or adjustment program to run in windows 7. Right click mouse on “executable of adjustment program” usually named “Adjprog.exe” or “Adj.exe” or “APSPRxxx” (xxx is adjustment program type/version)
  2. Select properties from the context menu then click “Compatibility”Tab
    Windows 7 compatibility mode
  3. Select “Run this program in compatibility mode for” check box then change the compatibility mode to “Windows XP (service pack 2)” or depending to the adjustment program because some adjustment program only can be used on windows 98. Then click apply-Ok
  4. Run the Epson adjustment program “Not found DLL files” (Windows 7 should not display an error message after using compatibility mode). Then follow the steps to reset your Epson printer

Note: If you see error message “this program can not be used”, delete “Adjustments_Programs“ on drive C then alter date setting in computer according to the adjustment program before re-run the software.

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18 Responses to “How to Run Epson Adjustment Program on Windows 7”

  1. Abul Hasan says:

    Good Instructions. I wish you success in life.

  2. infus printer epson says:

    Great tricks to cheat and use the program, thanks

  3. famdy says:

    great advice, but i have problem now

    after the resetter program run

    my error now

    Communication error occurred. Check the I/F cable connection and power of printer.

    what the solution of this…


    my window is window 7 64 bit

  4. Maks says:

    Thanks! for this tutorial. it very helpful

  5. bobsss says:

    please send me a resetter for epson stylus cx3700. thank you!

  6. iftikhar ali says:

    display shows service required 00020004 in stylluspro epson 9600 so what is solution for such problem

  7. Maodi says:

    when i try to open the file after adjusting the compatibility settings is “wrong file size”
    please help me!!!!

  8. Fz says:

    @Maodi, Most software resetter for epson not fully compatible in windows 7. It the problem appear, you must run the resetter in windows XP or on older windows version because most software resetter designed for WIndows XP, Win2K and Win98

  9. MANOJ says:

    I have Epson T13 printer but it doesn’t power on due to main board fault.So i replaced an other epson T13 main board and fix it.Now printer power on.But still it doesn’t work ,i think that cause of wrong data of its EEPROM (two LEDS are blinking and ink cartridges are not recognized) I can’t backup old main board EEPROM data using Adjustment program because of it doesn’t power on.How can i backup faulty main board EEPROM’s data?

  10. BLACKLISTER777 says:


  11. BLACKLISTER777 says:


  12. martin says:

    hice todo lo ecplicado, no me sale error, pero me pide q apague la impresora pero no se van las luces rojas

  13. sannyboy66 says:

    Thank you so much… this is big help for me.. i almost surrender but since i ectend my patience i found you… once agian thank you so much.

  14. dondille says:

    i have epson stylus cx3900 printer, i just replaced all the ink colors (originals) and yet it still send and error message that the blue ink is expended…can u help me with this? i’ve already tried the service utility program and nothing is solved. Thank you for your response.

  15. honglin says:

    How to Run Epson R290 Adjustment Program on Windows 7 32 bit?

  16. honglin says:

    How to Run Epson R290 Adjustment Program on Windows 7 32 bit?

  17. SammY says:

    Thanks, very helpfull and work very well.

  18. Arc says:

    I can’t open file..message is “Can’t create Process! Seach the file?”
    why?? i have try that tricks but can’t open too
    I used windows 7 professional Service Pack 1 32-bit..Epson Stylus CX9300F
    any solve my problem..please 🙁


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