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How to Disable Automatic Update on Windows 7


There are several reasons why some users do not like “Automatic Windows Update“, for example: the computer not connect o internet, the update process consumes some internet bandwidth and other. Windows update is recommended by Microsoft because by updating windows it will patch windows bug and increase windows security and stability.

Usually on windows XP or previous version I disable automatic update from service in “Administrative tools” but on Windows 7 there no automatic update in the service. On windows 7 you can disable automatic update from “Windows Update” section in “System and Security”.

To Disable Automatic Update on Windows 7 follow these steps:

  1. Open control panel (click start orb then click control panel). Click “system and security” then click Windows Update
    Windows 7 Automatic Update  1
  2. In the left pane, click “Change settings”
    Windows 7 Automatic Update  2
  3. To disable Windows 7 automatic update, under “Important updates” change the options to “Never check updates” then click Ok to save the setting
    Windows 7 Automatic Update  3

Note: Activate automatic update is recommended to improve your windows security reliability. But if you do not like with automatic update feature you can disable it and install the update offline. You can download the windows update from Microsoft service.

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2 Responses to “How to Disable Automatic Update on Windows 7”

  1. Sa Majeste Hassan says:

    This is good to disable Automatic Update on Windows 7…….. But still sometimes Windows 7 is updated …. due to which Windows Validation claims that your windows is not geniune (FOR PIRATED USERS)

    For that you should open start menu and type: “services”

    There will be a list of services running…….. press the “W” key and you’ll find Windows Updates

    Right Click “Stop” the service … you’ll find properties below the “STOP” go to the properties disabled the service … Now your free from getting any update or getting in trouble with that windows Validator.

    The Best site ever : tricks-collection………… for users who want more tips from me can ask their queries directly from me :

    and can follow me at twitter:!/ZaeemHassan


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