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SeeNow: Easy Way to Manipulation the Faces


In the past, we need a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to manipulate a photo. Now there are many websites that serve photo manipulation instanly, like Photofunia, Loonapix, Jpgfun Faceinhole, and much more. SeeNow is one of the sites that we can use to do the face photo manipulation instanly.

Compared to the other sites, this site has the advantage of the ease, speed, and accuracy rate manipulation speed unification photos are quite high. The level of accuracy of the unification of high photos can be the biggest advantage of this program.

SeeNow - Easy Way to Manipulation the Faces

Problems in the face of photo manipulation services instant online are usually the most automated face recognition feature sometimes does not work according to expectations. Photo manipulation site that automated face recognition tends to produce a somewhat awkward reunion pictures. While the other photo manipulation site requires user participation is quite high. Sometimes we need zooming of images, rotate images, change the color saturation, which is quite draining patience.

SeeNow have features the face recognition that requires little user involvement to make the image manipulation pretty face is reasonable and realistic. The User will need to put a marker on a picture in a photo of your face and eyes SeeNow will continue the rest. try to use this application and the result enough satisfactory, you can look the picture below:

Original Photo

Original Photo


after manipulation using seenow

After Manipulation Using Seenow

Upload images fast enough, quick photo manipulation, and most importantly the accuracy of unification of two pictures of the face of pretty accurate and easy to use photo manipulation site compared the online face of the other. SeeNow also has its advantages, we can still put up a photo of a face in a position somewhat skewed.

The Template is not as much as the other sites. Require user involvement although not too large.

To start use this application please visit here

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