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PTSD in Combat Veterans


If you cannot work anymore in the profession you chose or any other line of work, you may want to look into Social Security disability benefits. Help might be available, even if you do not think of your condition as a disability. For instance, many veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following combat in a foreign country.

Tough People

The Army, Navy, and Air Force toughen men and women physically. They are prepared to endure challenging conditions. Nothing, however, can train a person to witness death and destruction caused by war, terrorism, or a natural disaster. Visions return to affected officers for days, weeks, and even years.

Many combat veterans try to return to a normal life, but they cannot. Marriages fall apart. They turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. A sufferer’s brain feels as though it has been rewired by what he saw, making it impossible to view the world through the same lens. PTSD interferes with every aspect of life, including relationships and work.

PTSD in Combat Veterans

Recognizing PTSD

Many years after the Gulf War, medical professionals and the government have come to understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder much better and classify it as a real condition. They also recognize that in some cases it can be totally disabling, preventing full-time work. Treatment is available and individuals are expected to get help through a psychiatrist, but some people will never be well enough to return to work. A strict screening process enables Social Security disability professionals to figure out which applications are eligible for disability benefits.

How Can PTSD Be a Disability?

Even after regular counseling and while taking medication routinely, some psychiatric clients will continue to suffer exhaustion through lack of sleep. Regular anxiety or panic attacks owing to associative experiences caused by sights or sounds wear them out and cause them to be constantly on their guard. These associations return a person unexpectedly to the time and place where she experienced combat trauma, and it can be hard to know the difference between now and a past reality.

A former officer might become so anti-social he is unable to work with others or too distracted to finish regular tasks. Memory issues are typical as are aggression and substance abuse.

Making a Claim

PTSD is classified as an anxiety disorder. Clients applying for Social Security disability payments will have to supply their medical histories, including reports from mental health providers, and possibly go through a separate mental health exam. Agents want to see an individual’s work history to establishing an overview of his past relevant work, job skills, professional reputation, and social interactions in the workplace.

If you think you have a credible claim for Social Security disability benefits, you can seek legal representation by interviewing disability lawyers about their practice and asking them to evaluate your claim for free. If you find an attorney who has a proven track record of representing clients in disability hearings and who is willing to represent you in your case, you will have increased your chances of winning disability benefits.

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