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So What Does the iPad Air Feel Like?


The brand new iPad tablet computer from Apple is called the iPad Air and, quite simply, it blows the competition out of the water. Superior when judged on any benchmark, the iPad Air is gorgeous in design, the height of portability and versatility, and truly genius in engineering. Apple did it again.

Like Air, Man, Like Air!

The advertising campaign for the new iPad Air features a growing close-up on a pencil, in a variety of settings, with audio discussing the classic utility and simplicity and ubiquitous nature of…and then from behind the pencil is lifted up the amazingly thin and lovely iPad Air. Point made. Just like the original ad for the Macbook Air slipping easily into that manilla envelope. Point made indeed.

So What Does the iPad Air Feel Like

The very popular iPad Air has been receiving rapturous reviews. Of course Apple devotees like them, nothing here deviates from the brand, but go looking for bad reviews on this new product. Dind’t find much, did you?

Thinner, Lighter, Faster, Best

That’s what expert reviewers over at CNet had to say. Pretty high praise indeed, these guys are not fawning fanboys. It looks sleek and current and beautiful too. Did we say how much we like the new iPad Air?


For a tablet to be a best-seller, and earn it’s price versus a laptop or desktop computing device, it needs to offer portability on a level unmatched in other options.

  • Almost impossibly slim at 6.6 x 9.4 x .29 inches.

  • Durable and stable with solid and high quality construction.

  • Extremely lightweight at only one pound.

  • Considerably longer battery life in standby mode and during full use, conservatively clocked at up to 10 hours of use between charges.


Okay, great portability options and features will get you to a tablet choice, but why THIS tablet in particular? Sell me on this, Apple!

  • Much faster processing speeds, the first 64-bit tablet released to the market.

  • Better front facing camera for an more enjoyable FaceTime experience with improved stabilization, face detection, tap-to-focus, and pinch-to-zoom.

  • That fantastic 9.7 inch Retina Display screen is looking real good there with a resolution of 2048-x-1536 pixels, that’s 264 pixels per inch.

  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity for faster downloads and more fluid streaming experiences.

  • Considerably improved graphics core for better gaming.


The newly released iPad Air is, of course, costly. All Apple products are. This isn’t the discount section of the electronics outlet. What’s it gonna set you back?

  • About $500 for the 16G version, then heading on up to $800 for the 128GB model.

  • Ouch. Just, ouch.

  • When compared to other tablets, the iPad Air is indeed expensive.

Any Complaints?

Well, we did just mention the cost, right? A premium price for a premium device, the Apple iPad Air is certainly pricey. And there is mysteriously no Touch ID fingerprint scanner so you still have to enter passwords and the like. First world problem, we know.

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