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The SEO Myths You Need to Know About


The world of SEO is full of myths and misinformation. It can often be hard for people to wade through this and find the truth. So, here are the top SEO myths you need to ignore.

Meta Tags Are Worthless

If you don’t know what meta tags are, they’re basically tags that provide vital information to search engines. They appear between the opening tags and the closing ones. Some people try to argue that they aren’t very useful anymore, but I completely disagree with this. Google doesn’t pay as much attention to them now, but they’re still important.

They tell search engines what your website is all about. This kind of information is vital. But it’s not all about how the search engine finds and uses your meta tags, they can also have an impact on search engine users. They make your links more attractive and make people more likely to click your links when they see them on a results page.

Domains Are Essential

Yes, most big websites with the most success use the .com domain. But a lot of people make the mistake of believing that this means .com is best for SEO. That’s simply not true. You can find just as much success as any other website, no matter what domain you choose to use. As long as you do the important things right that is.

If you’re about to create a website and choose the domain, it probably is best to use a conventional domain. This is simply because people tend to trust .com and it’s easily recognisable. But if you already use a different domain, there’s no need to spend money changing it. You should spend your time and money on other more important factors.

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In-House is Best

There’s still too much emphasis on sorting out SEO in-house. A lot of people argue that you need close control over your SEO and that you can’t get this if you decide to outsource to an external company. But this kind of thinking misses the point and underestimates the boost that can be provided by outsourcing SEO.

I’m not claiming that outsourcing is right for everyone. For tiny websites and businesses, it probably makes more financial sense to do things in-house. But the expertise, speed and precision you get by outsourcing can really help bigger sites with bigger budgets. So, weigh up your options before coming to a decision.

Creative Blogging Doesn’t Work

You don’t need to stick to a dull, boring type of blogging. It’s a complete myth that using creative blogging methods doesn’t work. If you can capture people’s attention and imagination, they’ll be much more likely to read your blog than a generic one. Yes, the blog does need to have broad appeal, but that doesn’t mean dumbing down.

One great way of getting people interested that a lot of people have tried to discredit is guest blogging. People started to think that guest blogging was all about spamming links. But that’s not what it’s about. It’s simply a good way of offering a new perspective on the themes your blog is concerned with.

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