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Tips to Caring a BlackBerry for Durable and Long Lasting


A lot of people in this world that liked the BlackBerry (BB). Because the BlackBerry is a mobile phone that has the ability push e-mail service, phone, sms, browse the internet, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and a variety of other wireless capabilities. The use of sophisticated gadget is so phenomenal in recent times, until it becomes a need for fashion. BlackBerry was first introduced in 1999 by the Canada company, Research In Motion (RIM). Their ability to deliver information over the wireless data networks of mobile phone service companies to surprise the world.

You just bought the BB (Blackberry) for a few months, turned out to be faulty, not durable. There are a few things that have an effect on the durability of a body electronics, including Blackberry in particular. Exception if Blackberry falling or accidentally slammed, maybe it’s different things.

Tips to Caring a BlackBerry for Durable and Long Lasting

But here there some tips from to keep your Blackberry so durable and long lasting:

  1. Schedule clear cache every day on a regular basis, especially after doing internet browsing activities. Enter Option – > Cache Operation.
  2. Install applications that are useful only on your Blackberry. You have to really know the application is installed so as not to make slow your BB, let alone application which does not comply with the OS.
  3. Keep your BB to Refresh scheduled, so that the ability of its performance back to normal. Refresh by way of using Quickpull application. Quickpull can do automatic Refresh that scheduled and regular. Or a combination of press ALT + CAPS + del.
  4. Do the regular Backups of your data. Among other things with the Desktop Manager Install on a PC, usually to Install Desktop Manager is already contained in the BB package. After the install Desktop Manager click the Backup options. Or it could be using Google Sync directly from the Blackberry, backups with email Gmail. To BBM list could use online backup in BBM.
  5. Memory SD Card try a nice and quality. Many cases BB is not durable and often quarrel hangs because the SD Memory Card that buy is second or its brand is not good. Then please choose the Memory SD cards that really tested the brand, It’s better still new.
  6. Use the original charger. Do not use non original.
  7. Before the batteries was revoked, make sure the BB condition in the Off condition.
  8. Clear Log as often as possible.
  9. When the battery is revoked, give it about 10-15 seconds to put the battery back.
  10. Reboot your BB at least 1 time a day.
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