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The Easy Way to Manage Projects with Software Management


Project management is the process of planning, organising and managing the task to achieve the goals set, usually established based on time, resource and costs. A project plan can be simple, such as a list of tasks that are written in a notepad or it could be very complex for example thousands of tasks and resource and budget of the project worth millions.

Some of the project is divided into activities that are almost the same, including projects solving into task assignments smaller that easy to handle, create scheduled tasks, and to communicate with the team, and track tasks to find out progress of the project. All three main stages in the Project have, namely:

1. Build Plans
2. Track and Manage a Project
3. Close Project

The more successful we pass through three stages above, then the greater the chance of project will be a success.

Project management may sound like an easy way to make money but it is not often as easy as it sounds so you can to make sure you are using the right software to help your employees stay ahead of their game and always be on top.

With the right online project management software time will be spent more wisely and you can see what results can be achieved with the staff that you have. Today it is easy to be discouraged to do the best you can so you have to make sure you follow IT news and get the right Basecamp Alternative to simply getting more managers to work for you to manage the work load more efficiently.

The Easy Way to Manage Projects with Software Management

If you always know what you are doing you will always be ready to change the way you work when the circumstance change which happens all the time in business. Find the right Construction Project Management Software and you can be sure of your positive strong future.

Software project management includes many different types of software, including: planning, costs control and management of budgets, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems, which are usually facing difficulties or complexity when dealing with large projects. One of the project management software which is quite famous and the current free is GanttProject.

GanttProject is a desktop tools and is an open source cross-platform for project management this program can be run on windows, Linux, and Mac OS x. in addition free, GanttProject has all the normal project management features, such as resource mapping, graphics and others.

That could be done by GanttProject is:

  1. Gantt Chart, Making the structure of the arrangement work, describing the dependencies, and determine its benchmark.
  2. Resources, pointing to the human resources to work on tasks and see them in resource allocation load chart.
  3. Pert Chart, produce PERT chart from Gantt Chart.
  4. Export, save the chart as PNG images and produce a reports in the form PDF and HTML.
  5. Mutual operation, Can import and export files to the project into Microsoft Project format. Export to spreadsheet with CVS.
  6. Collaboration, Sharing and discussing the project with colleagues by using WebDAV.

GanttProject keep all information we enter into field field, where each field is separated by the type specification of the information, such as task name and duration. In GanttProject field is usually presented in a column. After we make a list of task and makes the information schedule, thenĀ  built plan. We can see a model of the project. Including when the project will be completed and when the start for each task.

The advantage of using GanttProject:

  • Understand and agree to the objectives of the project.
  • Can control when the project began, is being worked on and when the project completed.
  • Communication that clear among the people involved in the project.
  • Project can be completed on time, even the use of cost, scope and quality to be able to comply with the plan.
  • Realistic and destination can be achieved.
  • The decision clearly.
  • Control quality can be improved
  • Management of change and risk.
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