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Uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 4


Faronics Deep Freeze 7Unlike previous version, new version Faronics Deep Freeze 7 has fully compatible with windows 7. DeepFreeze is best software to freeze system from changing the setting. But the problems often encountered when users forget the passwords for DeepFreeze that installed on their computers.

With Anti Deep Freeze 4 you can disable installed deep freeze 7 in your computer. This anti deepfree version also can be used to disable deepfreeze version 4, 5 and 6.


How to uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 4

There are two modes in anti deep freeze 4, “ByPass Exist Process” recommended to change Deep Freeze password and “Open New Process” recommended if you want to remove/uninstall the deep freeze program from your computer.

How to use Anti Deep Freeze Program

  1. Download then extract/unzip Anti Deep Freeze Program (You can download the program from download link below)
  2. Run the anti deepfreeze program by clicking “ADF v.0.4.exe” in the extracted folder
  3. Select bypassing methods, “Bypass Exist Process” or “Open New Process”
  4. Click start. This process will take a few second
  5. After process finished it will as a password, click OK (without entering a password)
  6. If you select “Bypass Exist Process” in the bypassing process it will prompt you to enter new password. You can select “Boot Thawed” if you use “Open New Process”, bypassing methods.
  7. Click OK. Then Reboot you computer. done

To uninstall DeepFreeze program from your computer. Run DeepFreeze Installer, click next then uninstall. The DeepFreeze must in Thawed mode to uninstall this software.

Download Anti Deep Freeze 4 (for a few reason I’ve deleted the download link) I have tested this software on DeepFreeze 7 standart and it work. Please use this software to solve your problem with deepfreeze program. Source the software info: (Thanks to unkromochip has reminded me to mentioned the link).

Note: use this software info as your own risk because some antivirus software detected the software as virus

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8 Responses to “Uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 4”

  1. kit says:

    I’d like to thanx and acknowledge the creativeness and ingenuity of the author… I really appreciate your help to everybody who needs your assistance….. Thank you very very much…..

  2. Daniel says:

    Is it the right thing to be posting this?

  3. unkromochip says:

    But you did not put the source

    www .

  4. Fz says:

    @Daniel, I’m just helping to find solutions for everyone who have a problem with DeepFreeze in their computer. I created this article is not for hacking Deep Freeze purpose

  5. Daniel says:

    Ok, I can see how your trying to help others remove this when they forget the password, but do you understand who would be using this?

    How many home users are you going to see running Deep Freeze? Not that many. Most of the people who will be using this sort of stuff are Schools, uni and other places like that where it is a requirment to have software like this installed.

    I’m sure that your going to get some “i love you – not” type email from IT admins because you have given details on how to remove or get around protection that they have put inplace for a reason.

    Just so that you know, you may want to think twice next time becaus stuff like this can cause issues with your readers

  6. Fratello says:

    Daniel u suck.. Btw, the thing’s not FOUND.. ;(

  7. Gonzalo says:

    fz, thanks a lot for your help, a friend of mine forgot the pass and with you help i managed to change the pass I reallyappriciatte. From Bolivia Tarija

  8. jean says:

    were is link ??


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