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Ways of Recovering Deleted Files


Most of computer users delete important files accidentally at least once in their life. If you are experiencing this problem, you must not get panic. This problem is not something you cannot deal with. You can solve this problem even if you are not a computer geek. Here are several methods that you do to recover deleted files. If you apply those methods immediately, you will have better chance in recovering your deleted files.

Recover files from Recycle Bin

When you accidentally delete important files from its original location, you must go to Recycle Bin first. All deleted files are stored in this location before you empty it. If you can still find the deleted files you need in Recycle Bin, these are the steps you must follow.

  • Open the Recycle Bin
  • Select the file you want
  • Right click the file
  • Click ‘Restore’

The steps above will return the deleted files to the original location.

Recover files from emptied Recycle Bin

If you have emptied the Recycle Bin, you will have more problems in recovering the deleted files. It is not impossible to recover the files though. Certain recycle bin recovery method can be applied to solve this problem. Here are the steps you can follow to restore your important files. Different operating system requires different steps.

Windows 10, 8.1, and 8

For Windows 10, 8.1, and 8, you must apply these steps.

  • Go to the folder in which the files previously stored.
  • Click ‘History’. Once you click it, the window will show the recent backup files that included in this folder.
  • Click ‘Previous’. It will direct you to the all the deleted files.
  • Select the files that you need restore.
  • Click ‘Restore’.

Windows 7

  • Click ‘Start’.
  • Go to Computer.
  • Choose the folder that was used to store the file and right click the folder.
  • Click ‘Restore Previous Sessions’. You will find available deleted files from the previous sessions.
  • Choose the files you wand.
  • Click ‘Restore’

Data recovery software to restore deleted files

If you suffer from complicated situations which caused deleted files or loss data files, you may need to use data recovery software to restore them. This particular software can help you get your deleted files exactly as it was. In addition, it can deal with difficult data loss situations, such as system crash, data recovery following virus attack, and raw error. This software can also help you recovering data loss from USB drive and external hard drive.

There are many alternatives of data recovery software you can choose.  But, not all of them are excellent and effective. Choosing the wrong one may not allow you to restore all your deleted files. That’s why you must choose one that is already proven. EaseUS is one of the trusted and excellent data recovery software that you must install. Many computer users are already installed it and they are happy with the result. This software is also easy to use. Here are the steps you must follow if you want to recover deleted files using EaseUS.

  • Open the disk that was used to store the deleted files and click ‘Scan’.
  • Once the disk is scanned, you will find choices of files which can be recovered. Choose the files you want to recover.
  • Click ‘Recover’
  • Choose the location where you want to store the recovered files.

Isn’t it easy? Now, you don’t need to worry much about important deleted files. The methods above will allow you to recover data loss or deleted files without any problems.

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