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Why Many People Say Vista is Bad


Before Windows Vista released, many people expect this newest Windows OS is better than from previous windows version.But the fact many people disappointedwith this windows version. Why? Although windows vista having more features than Windows XP but the performance of this windows version is not better than windows XP.  Its make all Vista user disappointed with windows version and say windows vista is bad.

Although many minus feature on the Windows Vista there are some new and useful features for user. Some among others that is :

  • Parental control : can be use to set limits on the hours that children can use the computer, the types of games that they can play, the websites that they can visit, and the programs that they can run
  • User Account Control (UAC) : to see activity of user when using computer.
  • Password reset disk: solutions if You forget user password to windows vista and reset the password using this reset disk. But this feature also found on windows XP
  • New Look n Feel: Appearance of windows vista themes is beautiful.

Some feature that make user say windows vista is bad:

  • Source Code Windows Vista too big. Windows Vista require very big PC resource. So that for the things having the small computer specification, possibility cannot install windows vista. Many people do not want to lose the performance of computer with addition a few facility.
  • Many people love with Windows XP and do not want to leave them.
  • Using Windows Vista like using new OS, this mean you must learn this OS from scratch if you want using Windows Vista on your computer.
  • Too much versions on Windows Vista, so that make user confuse to choose the version which according to their needs .
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