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How to Get Backlink for Your Blog or Website


One way to popularize a Blog or website that is using a Back-links. Backlinks can increase Google Page Rank of the website, backlinks can also bring visitor to a blog or website. Why backlink is important? If blogs doesn’t have backlinks from other websites, this website sometimes can be considered unimportant website by search engines and sometimes overlooked, especially by Google. More backlinks indicated the website is more important.

How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog or Website?

There are a few method to get more backlinks to a blog or website and and some ways  is very easy to do. Here a few easy method to get a back-links to your Blog:

1. Link exchange

Link exchange is easiest method to get more backlinks to your website. You can exchange you link with other website to get more backlink. If you have more than one website you linking your blog from your other blog.

2. Leave a Comment

Leaving a comment on other blog is other easiest method to get more backlink to your Blog. You can add your blog link into your comment to promo your Blog.

3. Buying Link

If you have a budget you can can buy links for your Blog. You can buy a link on Text-Link-Ads (also called as TLA), AdBrite, TNX, etc.

4. Using free Advertising Network (free classified ads)

To use free Advertising Network (free classified ads) service was you must to read the term of service before place your link on the website because some website require a link-back.  You can search free Advertising Network (free classified ads) using google.

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3 Responses to “How to Get Backlink for Your Blog or Website”

  1. Yana says:

    This is very useful… thanks for sharing..

  2. niladri says:

    Its really a good content to follow.thanks for it

  3. Bali For holiday says:

    yeaaaa.. i agree with your ideas to get BL for our website.. thx u for sharing dude…!



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