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5 Tips to Online Selling on Classified Sites


When we talk about shopping today, it is hardly a surprise for the majority of crowd to spent hours on the internet browsing for their products to be brought rather than spending the time in a mall or shopping arcade. Similarly, selling products on the internet has also made a strong foothold in the market for online trading mainly with regards to the classified sites.

Working of Online Transactions on Classified Sites:

The process is really simple and straight forward to understand and hence, does not require the intelligence to realize that this is not rocket science. The process starts with customers researching the sites where the product of choice can be sold and a transaction is safe to be carried out. It is a common notion to review the sites against other client feedback for the experience on them before making a decision or choice. The market is overflowing with online websites which follow strictly or loosely on the motto of β€˜sell it online here’ and β€˜it’ comprises of almost anything under the sun from safety pins to books to cars. Once the client chooses the website, they create a profile and put up an advertisement for other customers to view their products. There are usually two ways to for customers to buy them; one is by bidding them or the other is for the seller to put up a fixed price which the buyer pays upfront for the purchase to complete.

5 Tips to Online Selling on Classified Sites

The five important things to keep in mind when dealing with online classified transactions are:

  • Choose the online site which has previous transactions for the selling product.
  • Review the site against their competition for all aspects from commission to payment gateways.
  • Place advertisements with information relevant only about the product.
  • Do not provide personal information to buyers at any point unless confirmed by the site specifically in written.
  • Pricing should be determined before placing the advertisement and if not sure, the ad should specify it as negotiable.

Online selling of products on classified sites is a modern way of getting rid of unwanted stuff with little or no physical effort. This practice has gained such immense popularity due to the numerous advantages over the traditional way of transactions which was time consuming and exhaustive.

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