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Oracle Fix 24 Holes in Java


Oracle Corp. released security updates for Tuesday’s time AS computer versions of Java programs in your Web browser to make it more difficult hacker hijacked.

36 holes of vulnerability in Java include a majority of that before this is considered the most critical, said Executive Vice President Oracle Hasan Rizvi as quoted Reuters.

Last year, a series of major security holes in Java plug-in for browsers has been burglarized hackers who some of them are exploited criminal groups before the holes known.

The massive hacking campaign last year, infecting the computer with a Windows OS from Microsoft Corp and Apple’s software.

Oracle Fix 24 Holes in Java

Department of Homeland Security has recommended computer users turn off Java in browser, but many large companies use internal software which depends on Java and forced Oracle to make language programming examples that securely.

Oracle Java inherited when buying Sun Microsystems in 2010. It was great exposure a company to the market, when operating in the Java version of the desktop, the phone and the device as well as another server.

Even so the browser version in particular prone from security issues. According to manufacturers of computer security software, Kaspersky, last year Java beyond the software Reader of Adobe Systems Inc. as part of software most often attacked.

Over the past year the Java became a vehicle for 50 percent of all cyber attacks where hackers breaking into computers with exploiting mite software, Kaspersky said.

Follow Adobe Reader with 28 percent of all incidents, while Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer are involved in about 3 percent of the incidents.

Even so there is no profile consumers endangered by Oracle computer security issues, said Rizvi.

“This is a fight for the survival of the Java plug-in. Whether many companies turn them off or even believe myself to fix it, “said IDC analyst Al Hilwa,.

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