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Auto Shutdown PC when Completed Download with Auto Shutdown Firefox Add-On


Most of users will leave the Computer turned on all night when downloading a huge files that may take a few hours.  If you leave the computer while the computer on its mean waste of energy. If you want to save electrical energy and you use Firefox as your Internet browser I suggest to install  auto Shutdown  firefox add-on on your browser. Auto shutdown add-on can monitor download activity and shutdown the computer when download completed. This add-on is very useful if you like to download many files at night and you often leave the computer on to go to bed.

Auto Shutdown features:

  • Executing user scripts after all downloads are finished or computer is idle for specific time.
  • Restore Firefox from last session.
  • Customizable shutdown or idle scripts.
  • Play sound after each or all downloads are finished.
  • Supports DownThemAll.

How to use the auto shutdown add-on:

  • Once installed auto shutdown add-on, it will place a small icon on the Firefox status bar(in the bottom right).
  • Right click this icon to configure the add-on setting. The Auto Shutdown has been enhanced with several options for users to configure the shutdown.
    auto shutdown add-on option
  • Click the icon to activate auto shutdown and click again to disable.

Download auto shutdown add-on. The add-on is available as a free at Mozilla Add-ons.

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