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Best Browser 2009, Who is the Winner? IE8, Google Chrome, Opera 10 or Firefox 3.1


Seems browser competition on 2009 will be interested. Since Google released Google Chrome, this browser progressively enliven competitions of browser, but now Google Chrome still available in beta version, the final version will be released on 2009. Four popular browsers to be released on 2009 year are Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Google Chrome, Opera 10 Firefox and 3.1.

New unique features found on all browsers there is private browsing facility. Private Browsing aims to help you make sure that your web browsing activities don’t leave any trace on you’re the computer. It is very important to note that Private Browsing is not a tool to keep you anonymous from websites or your ISP, or for example protect you from all kinds of spyware applications which use sophisticated techniques to intercept your online traffic. Private Browsing is only about making sure the browser doesn’t store any data which can be used to trace your online activities, no more, no less.

To know all about plus and minus features of all browsers please read the following short review of all browsers:

A. Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

IE8 is expected will nicer from old IE version. Some new features of IE8 are:

  • Accelerators, Accelerators let you efficiently complete your everyday browsing activities like mapping directions, translating words, emailing your friends, and more in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Private Browsing, Browse the web without saving any history in your PC.
  • Search suggestions, search smarter with detailed suggestions from your favorite search providers and browsing history.
  • Smart Screen Filter, new security features help to protect you against deceptive and malicious websites which can compromise your data, privacy and identity.

Download beta version of IE 8: Download IE 8

B. Firefox 3.1

Since first release this browser having a lot special lover. But if use Firefox 2 or older that, maybe many Firefox add-on not compatible with this Firefox version. Some plus minus feature of Firefox are:

Plus, there many add-ons can be installed in Firefox. Now Firefox can switch-off tab that caused hang on Firefox.

Minus, loading speed to open Firefox is very slow.

Firefox 3.1 now available in beta version 2. You can download the latest version of Firefox here.

C. Opera 10

Opera is an old player on browser competition. The newest version of opera is Opera 10 but this version now still available on beta version. Opera 10 come with new skin and newest Opera engine named “Opera Presto 2.2”. Opera Presto 2.2 is rendering engine for the Opera browser and It provides significant improvements in speed, performance and security. With the new engine Opera claimed the browser 30% faster to browsing the website.

Other features of Opera 10 there are Inline spell-check and Auto Update. Inline spell-check to Write freely in your Facebook wall, blog or Web mail. Opera 10 alpha underlines any misspelled words. Auto-update makes it easier than ever to stay up to date with the latest version of Opera.

Download Opera 10 beta

D. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is new internet browser from Google which joining minimalist design with technology.  Google chrome is very easy installed only take not more than 1 minute to install Google Chrome on PC. But unhappily on Google Chrome no auto refill and session restore feature. But compared to three browsers above Google Chrome have more excess feature.

Download Google Chrome

Posted by Fz 32 Responses

32 Responses to “Best Browser 2009, Who is the Winner? IE8, Google Chrome, Opera 10 or Firefox 3.1”

  1. pandaul says:

    I think the winner of the year 2009 is Firefox 3.1

  2. NEO says:

    firefox is the best of the best

  3. revvok says:

    I vote for Opera..Undoubtly!!

  4. arodlinux says:

    Opera! The best of the best.
    Firefox + speedtweaks + addonns = opera
    so why waster your time? download opera and that’s all

  5. haris says:

    Had IE for 12 years, then 2 years ago switched to Firefox, and after that i realised that it takes too much time to load somethings, thus went to google chrome…

    It is with no doubt the best, easiest and fastest browser i have used until now!

  6. steve says:

    Google Chrome is the absolute best. I have Opera 10, Firefox 3, Safari 4, and IE8 and it beats all of them by miles.Opera is number 2. Chrome is so much better than even opera.

    I love how much of the page you can see at one time. I love the side-by-side view in chrome 2 beta. Chrome looks amazing is SO fast and is so easy to learn.

    I would HIGHLY recommend Chrome to everybody.

  7. hemanth says:

    google chrome is the best.

  8. hemanth says:

    the winner of the 2009 best browsers is google chrome undoubtabily it will beat everything. i tested all browsers but google chrome seems to be really verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry fast

  9. hemanth says:

    Firefox 3.1 is the waste and google chrome is the best.

  10. Goobarian says:

    Love Chrome!!! what is the best, most compatible security suite though?

  11. ijAcK says:

    Opera is the best of all. I’ll always stick with it.

  12. Jayprakash says:

    The MOZILLA FIREFOX, latest version, is the best among all the other browsers.

  13. thai van pro says:

    i use Firefox 3.1 and see that is best.

  14. megaweb says:

    Google chrome without a doubt. Used to be a FF fan but its become a dog. Check out the security issues on all the other browsers. Chromes not perfect but its light years ahead of the rest. I can’t wait to see what they will do with it.

    Good job Google!

  15. John says:

    Firefox the best

  16. mohan says:

    firefox is slow in improving..

    opera is best.. google chrome is catching it up fast..

    a lot of improvement with IE

  17. karan says:

    firefox and apple safari are the best of all and u can try if u dont believe me

  18. aturo ramirez says:

    opera is the best, and very nearly firefox,

  19. geo says:

    check out opera’s space bug
    1. enter opera:about
    2. find ” ”
    3. F3 x50

    find stops after 20x F3

  20. sally says:

    what does the space bug mean? ive been trying all most popular browsers and opera does seem to be the fastest but if it isnt secure ill swop.

  21. Sammour says:

    Frankly speaking, I have tried all of these since 1998 (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Safari, Avant, Opera, and FireFox), and I found Opera as the best browser among all the other browsers, due to flexibility, very reliable, fast, and extremely robust. More over, there is a powerful tool for browsing your favorite sites called site shortcut, it’s very useful. The new version is something Amazing… Sammour

  22. Sayser says:

    IMO best browser nowadays is Google Chrome. I use Chrome 4 + few extensions and I already have what I had in Firefox, but with much more light browser. 😀
    Chrome is really great and it’s only the beginning. Firefox is like tank comparing to lightweight Chrome. 😉

  23. Roel says:

    Google chrome is superb! No doubt this is the best browser, easy to use, very fast. Opera 10 is #2. Safari & firefox, not interested..

  24. vassy says:

    google chrome .. is very easy on use. no addons just chrome

    thx google

  25. s hankar says:

    I operate all browser IE -8 Opera,Fire fox. google cr.maxth,etc. I get most satisfaction in every aspect in Opera – 10
    1. mail
    2. download
    3. speed
    4. back pages not download
    5. User friendly

  26. s hankar says:

    fire fox has no extra feature. it is so simple

  27. tman says:

    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 beta 5 is the best of the best it is fast and i can customize it that u can change the theme

  28. Debtanu Biswas says:

    I vote apple safari. It is the best browser of the year 2009. It will also be the year of year 2010.

  29. Hughjorgen says:

    Chrome smashes the other with speed and gets even better with extensions.

  30. shaheed says:

    chrome is so good now a days bcoz of more extentions and fast loading and also in start up(90%)
    fire fox is good in browsing and in add ones but it is slow down in multi tabs.firefox load faster then opera installing firefox preloader(85%)
    opera is good for dial up users bcoz its have a turbo technology its bring you browsing speed like broadband(77%)
    internet explorer is not good like modern browsers(50%)
    new browser of firefox is WYSO its realy good like firfox(85%)

  31. Kevin Kane says:

    Chrome is blazingly fast and it probably has all the extensions you need to replace FireFox.

  32. tsphand1 says:

    chrome is extremly fast browser, but when you install addon …this browser need huge memory & became slower


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