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Free Download iMacros 8


When you browse the internet, would often find the activity that is carried out over and over again like opening the same site, remember a password, fill out the form, to perform testing of a newly created site. Besides to the boring, it is certainly not practical and a waste of time. Especially if you constrained a slow internet connection.

Well, there’s a better way that you can do, is use the iMacros applications. It is the first web-based application in the world that allows you to record all internet activity and repeat it back when needed. With the main function as a recorder and display internet activity (especially browsing), you do not need any more complicated with the things mentioned previously.

Free Download iMacros 8

IMacros display consists of two main window. The left part shows the things that are currently or have you done of a site. Under it there are 3 function Play, Record, and Edit. The Play function you can enable if you want to return to the site once you log in without the need to travel via the browser. While the Record function will record your activity while venturing where later can be played back while looking to get into the site using the function of Play. And the Edit function to be edited from the results of the Record so that you can change it to fit the desire.

Besides it, this application can also be used to import and export data from or into CSV files and XML. Almost all of the Windows-based programming language can support this technology. You can use for 30 days trial version, download this software please visit here

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