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How to Download Rapidshare file without Limitation and Without Premium Account


Mostly, we use internet to download the latest file and content. If we want to download from Rapidshare, we have to have premium account to download the files without limitation. But to get premium account you must buy the account for some dollar.

Now On this article, I will show you how to download rapidshare files without limitation but without premium account. On internet there are some online tools to download rapishare file easily and we needn’t await several second before download link appear. My favorit tool is RapidIt.

Here How to Download Rapishare files withi RapidIt

  • Open Rapidit website then scroll down to the bottom of website.  Copy rapidshare file’s link to the form then click download button. The website will continue with loading process. This process will finish within seconds.
    rapidshare premium link download 1
    rapidshare premium link download  2
  • Once process finished, download the files by clicking “Begin your download” button.
    rapidshare premium link download 3
    Posted by Fz 3 Responses

    3 Responses to “How to Download Rapidshare file without Limitation and Without Premium Account”

    1. Therfcha says:

      well appreciated for this blogpost! I remember when I had no premium rapidshare acc! it was so slow but because i had no money online I wasn’t able buy my own account. So I found a site were I could get one free.

    2. Thanks, that’s a good and useful article for shore. It works good enough.

    3. linkgens says:

      This is good information but old now there are many websites like will provide this free downloads for free.. try out!

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