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How to Make Windows XP Look Like Ubuntu


Although Appearance of Windows Vista is good but I prefer Ubuntu look n feel because its light,  simple and elegan. For the everyone that using Windows XP and bored with look n feel of your windows desktop, You can make your Windows XP appearance like ubuntu dekstop.

To make Windows XP desktop look like Ubuntu desktop there are some components must be altered, among other: icon, themes, cursor, welcome screen, boot screen, etc.

If your interested to change appearance of your Windows XP become ubuntu, follow the following tutorial and your Windows XP desktop will like the following picture.

To modify your Windows XP please download ubuntu customization pack and extract it.

Several components that must be changed at Windows XP in order that look like ubuntu that is :

A. Install Ubuntu Themes

  • Copy “ClearLooks” folder and “human” folder to “X:\Windows\resources\themes\”.
  • Then right click mouse on the desktop
  • Select appearance tab, choose human or clearlooks in the windows and button then click apply.

B. Install xFree cursor to Windows XP

  • Goto extracded folder and then open “xFree Cursors” folder.
  • Right click on install.inf file then select install.

C. Ubuntu Wallpaper

  • Open wallpaper folder in the extracded folder
  • Right click mouse in the one of wallpaper then click “set as Desktop Backgroud”

D. Replace default Windows XP Icon with Ubuntu Icon

Open Ubuntu Icon then install Super Turbo Tango_Patcher 7.05 by vertigosity.exe till finish.

Note : this program in Avira antivirus detected as virus. If you use avira as antivirus, disable the avira before install it.

E. Welcome Screen/Logon Screen

Install “UbuntuHumanlogon.logonxp” in the welcome scree folder. You can use “style xp”, “tune-up utiliti” or ohter to install it.

F. Boot Screen

To install boot screen same as installing Logon screen.

G. Screen saver

Right click mouse on scree saver file in the “Ubuntu Screensaver” folder and select install.

H. Sound Scheme

  • Copy the sounds in the folder “Ubuntu Sounds” to “windows\media\“ folder.
  • Goto control panel and choose the classic view and then click the sounds and audio devices and then click the sounds tab.
  • choose each windows system sound to these customized sounds

The filenames are self explanatory to the windows systems sounds and it should be easy for you to customized.

H. Optional

Lclock : Install Lclock till finish and then copy all file in the “Lclock skin/ubuntu look” folder to lClock installer folder and then reload Lclock.

yodm3D : change this software to make your desktop become 3D.

FindeXer Nightly: It creates a Customizable Bar in the left side of the Explorer window

Click Here to download Ubuntu Customations Pack.

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  1. $WEET!! says:

    now evertime i use windows on my dualboot system it feels normal! i love this human theme much better than default lame blue xp



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