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Kickstand Streamlines Character Animation with StretchMesh


Kickstand has introduced StretchMesh 1.5, a plugin changing shape deformation of surface streamlines the creation of realistic character animation in Maya.

“StretchMesh 1.5 is fully rediscover the pipeline deformation of character,” explains Daniel Dawson, Director of technology of the characters on the Kickstand. The character very elastic skin and very hard to created animations. By giving a polygonal mesh attached to the ‘ elastic ‘ compliance characteristics, StretchMesh delete deadline intensive processing manually tweaking the weighting of the skin to steamline the printing of complex from the movement body and face.

Kickstand Streamlines Character Animation with StretchMesh

According to Dawson, StretchMesh 1.5 combines the fast algorithm for vertex knowledge relationships, which facilitates the creation of character deformation speed its fine with sharing data with polygonal vertices.

StretchMesh 1.5

StretchMesh 1.5 - 2

Other features include:

  • Increase the flexibility of the collision of the primitive animations with spheres and Curve.
  • The influence of collision object that can be painted, so that the user control per-vertex of a conflict and its effects.
  • Attractors Curve provides the ability to draw the closest vertex to a point on the curve. This technique is useful in the formation of a face, for example, where the vertex eyebrows that need to be taken against the target curve.
  • Mode “safe scale” that allow the user to scale the new mesh and safely keep the shape initially.

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