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Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7


Do you want appearance or look n feel your Windows XP like Windows 7 desktop? You can install windows 7 transformation pack on your computer. At this time Windows 7 is available in beta version but almost on final release.

There are lots of  Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP on internet and almost everything is free. Appearance of Windows 7 desktop almost like Windows Vista but on Windows 7  there are some new features such aero shake, aero snap, new themes and more.

How to make windows XP look like Windows 7

Download transformation packs software from link below and extract, all software in the transformation pack is collected from various source and made in one package. Here how to transform your Windows XP :

A. Windows se7en cursor

Go to cursors folder in the extracted folder and rick click mouse in install.inf file and then select install.

B. Windows se7en Boot Screen

In the package available two file of boot screen, boot screen for Windows Vista and Windows XP. Install it.

C. Windows se7en sound scheme

Copy all file in the sounds folder to /%system root%/media/ folder, and then setting up the sound from control panel.

D. Windows se7en Style

Install Styler software in the styles folder and then copy the skin to installed folder. Activate one off the skin.

E. Start menu

Run start menu in the start menu folder.

F. Logon Screen

Install user login screen file in logon screen folder.

G. Wallpaper

Available 12 Windows se7en’s wallpaper in wallpaper folder.

H. Windows se7en Themes

Copy “Windows 7 M1 VS” folder in theme folder and then copy to /%system root/resources/themes, and activate the theme by right clicking mouse in the desktop and select appearance tab and select windows seven themes. Click apply.

I. Vienna Explorer (Widows se7en Explorer)

Run Vienna Explorer in the Vienna Explorer folder. Tips : to run this software run automatically when windows XP start, right click the software in the desktop and check “run automatically when windows start” and then click ok.

J. Windows se7en Pie Dock

Run windows seven pie dock in pie dock folder.

K. Start Orb

This software to beautify start button. Run the software.

L. Windows se7en icon

Not available in this package. You can search the icon in the internet.

Tips :

  • Hide all desktop icon by right clicking mouse then disable “show desktop icon” option
Posted by Fz 5 Responses

5 Responses to “Make Windows XP Look Like Windows 7”

  1. Iproxp says:

    Thanks for this great article. In addition, the best other guides for XP to Windows 7 Transformation i’ve ever known on WinMatrix for every Windows XP user (thanks to amirz):


    You can find and download many cool stuffs + even some port apps and guides/links there to totally transform and enhance XP like Windows Vista or Windows 7 for free, in both GUI and feature/function! Just FYI. Thanks.

    Long live XP!

  2. Issac says:

    i like it …. but how can i remove it just uninstall what i did ?!

  3. Fz says:

    @Issac, some of the software on this package is portable software, to remove it you can delete one by one. But after seven transformation pack from windows X’Live released, I suggest using the X’Live Seven transformation pack because having more features. You can download the software from this link:

  4. Anonim says:

    Frate am incercat Vista o singura data si sincer nu mi se pare o idee buna..pastrativa xp daca nu aveti windows 7 sau dati un click pe net si cumparatil online. decat cu transformer. parerea mea pentru ca scade viteza si alte dastea..

  5. anonimous says:

    what program do you use to have this start menu?


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