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Review: Nokia PC Suite 7.1


Users of Nokia phones that ever connect the device to the PC for sharing data must be familiar with this application. As the name implies, Nokia PC Suite it can only be used exclusively for Nokia phones only. Even though it can be connected to other phones, existing features will not be active for not using a Nokia mobile phone.

This application is useful to facilitate the activity of mobile phone via PC, such as content sharing data, installing the application until synchronization, and much more. Included for connecting to the internet through a mobile phone that can be used as a modem. Most importantly, Nokia PC Suite can also backup and restore your data from your mobile phone to your PC.

Review - Nokia PC Suite 7.1

This application requires 3 types of connections, i.e. Bluetooth, data cable, as well as infrared. From the side of stability, it is recommended you use a data cable connections. Let alone to backup large amounts of data, so that the possibility of connection fails during the processing takes place. Bluetooth connection, let alone an infra-red, safer to use for small data transfer only.

Most Nokia phones are able to use this application. See the official site to find out the full list of types of mobile phones that support it.

Nokia PC Suite 7.1 is freeware, you can download this application here

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