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Commemorate the Fighter War Victims Afghanistan – Iraq with Layer Map the Fallen on Google Earth


Commemorate the day of the suicide fighters war victims of the dispute that took place between Afghanistan and Iraq might be able to do with the way a pilgrimage at the grave of the victims, but maybe this could not be done by everyone who was able to visit Arlington National Cemetery, to express the sense of want commemorated. It turns out there are other ways besides make a pilgrimage to commemorate the fall of the sacrifices of this war. How do you do?

An engineer from Google, Sean Askay finally reveals his creativity for the sake of providing another alternative for pilgrims who want to mourn, however limited in terms of time and place. The alternative is the folder the Fallen which is a separate layer of Google Earth, which contain a variety of specific information about the more than 5,700 victims who fell in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This interactive tool can give users the convenience of being able to access the photos, and explains how victims can finally died, visiting the memorial website which got comments from family and relatives of the victims and the victims ‘ place where surfing is staying during his lifetime and finally died.

Commemorate the Fighter War Victims Afghanistan - Iraq with Layer Map the Fallen on Google Earth

Askay himself honestly does not have a military background and build this project on her spare time. She said on her blog, that she got the idea while he was still a student and so study the, a public database of the fighters who died during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The information we can get from what is created by Askay is a collection from various sources such as the Statistical Information Analysis Division of the Department of national defence,,, and various other sources.

The Layer that is created by Askay will be compatible with Google Earth 5 or above. When you install the software, you must also download the Fallen Layer Folder and open it. A few moments later, the layer will be loaded in Google Earth and you can learn about the victims of the war. It looks like this could be so inspiring, given the fighters for our freedom so that we can enjoy the fresh air of independence today.

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