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The Importance of Broadband Internet in This Modern Era


Nowadays, the role of internet is getting more important. Internet is highly needed not only by enterprises but also by individuals. Enterprises need internet to grow their business and boost their profits. They use internet to promote their company, introduce new products, sell products directly to customers, interact with customers, connect with suppliers, and many more. Individuals need internet to help accomplishing their life tasks, express their existence and connect with other people. Many people use internet to finish their work or school projects, buy or sell products, show their personal opinions, chat with friends, and many more.

To be able to carry out an activity over the internet easily and conveniently, people need to have a reliable internet connection. In this case, most people prefer broadband internet than dial up internet. This fact actually can be seen from the number of people who subscribe to broadband service. The number of subscribers is increasing significantly lately. The number of broadband service providers also can become an indicator of the popularity of broadband service. When a service is highly demanded, there will be more companies providing the service.

The Importance of Broadband Internet in This Modern Era

What is Broadband Internet?

Broadband internet is data communication service that allows you to connect to internet. Many people choose to use broadband service because this internet service is far much faster than dial up internet. Dial up internet connection is a conventional data communication service. Basically, if people use broadband service, they will get more capacity to surf the internet. They will also be able to get as many data as they want faster because the speed of broadband service is 40 times faster than the speed of dial up internet connection.

There are 6 types of broadband connections. They are:

1. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) – Digital Subscriber Line transmits data over telephone lines that are already installed to your home or your business. The transmission speed is determined by the distance between your home and the closest telephone company facility. The closest the distance is, the faster the speed is. There are 2 types of DSL, namely ADSL and SDSL. ADSL is intended to customers who receive lots of data while SDSL is intended for customers who receive and send lots of data.

2. Cable Modem – The data is transmitted over the same cable modem that transmits pictures and sound to your television. Even though the speed of cable modem service is up to 1.5 Mbps or more, the transmission speed to your home is probably lower or higher. This happens because the speed is also influenced by the cable network, the type of cable modem and the traffic load.

3. Fiber – The speed of fiber optic technology is far much faster than DSL and cable modem service.

4. Wireless – Wireless service can be mobile or fixed. It uses a radio link between the customers’ location and service provider’s facility.

5. Satellite – This service uses satellite to provide links. The speed of satellite service is slower than DSL and cable modem. However, if it is compared to dial up connection, it is much faster.

6. Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) – This service is distributed through electric power distribution network.

The Benefits of Broadband Internet

People will not prefer one thing to another unless the thing gives lots of benefits. To help you determining whether broadband internet is the best solution for your internet connection, the followings are some great benefits of broadband service.

Fast Internet Service – Broadband service offers an extra speed where you can enjoy data transmission at 256 kbps or more. Compared to the conventional dial up connection, you can send and receive data much faster. Whether you want to download or upload a file, you can do it at a shorter time.

Always Connected – Broadband service is always connected. If you use dial up service, you should log in every time you want to check a small thing on the internet. This surely creates a nuisance especially if you are in a hurry.

Huge Band of Frequency – Broadband service offers a huge band of frequency that enables you to open several URLs at the same time easily and fast. Whether you want to visit your YouTube account, your personal blog or an online store, you can do it at the same time.

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