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Three Tempting Webhosting Offers that You Should Beware of


There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of webhosting plans being offered on the internet. Therefore, you must know that there must be a very stringent competition out there. As a customer, you have to be cautious when assessing the features of a webhosting plan. Some webhosting service providers may overemphasize the positive features of their webhosting plans so outrageously that if you are a meticulous and cautious person, you will know that their offers seem to be too good to be true. If you are in need of a webhosting plan that you can rely on, be cautious when you find the following offers.

Three Tempting Webhosting Offers that You Should Beware of

1. Free online space

You will never get online space to host your website for free. If you get it for free, the providers may require you to do something that give them profit. If you host your website using free service, banners may pop-up ads may appear when your website visitors visit your website. Be aware of those online ads because they literally steal your money. If you try to gain profit from internet users who visit your website, those ads will distract them and make them visit another website. You have lost your money at that time.

2. Low-cost online space

Low-cost offer is as bad as free one. If you only pay about $2.5 per month for your webhosting plan, you should be aware of what will happen to your website after you host it. Some webhosting service providers who offer low-cost service still place ads on their clients’ websites; however, even those who don’t place ads on your website cannot guarantee that you can reap the biggest benefits that the webhosting plan can offer. Remember that low-cost offer is always attractive and low-cost webhosting plan can become very crowded. If your website is hosted in a crowded space, try to imagine the impact of such situation.

3. Unlimited offer

In fact, there is nothing called unlimited on this earth. There is always a limit for everything, including unlimited webhosting plan. When you are reading about a webhosting plan that offers unlimited space and bandwidth, try to locate any restrictions of that plan. Find out whether or not you can use multiple POP accounts, add statistics, use powerful tools to manage your website, use automatic installation feature, rely on SSH, or use other features that are common in a webhosting plan. If you are aware of the limits of a plan, you can always value that plan more reasonably.

Those offers can be dangerous traps if you fail to assess their authenticity. If you don’t want to fall to those traps, always read customer reviews about a webhosting plan, don’t work with a company that is still new, and work only with a reputable webhosting company that has served many clients. Home Host is a Brazil-based webhosting service provider that hosts more than 20,000 domains. You can try to buy the plans that it offers if you don’t want to be disappointed after you host your website.

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