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How to Reset Canon Pixma MP110, MP130, MPC190, MP450


Manual reset methods for Canon Pixma MP110, MP130, MPC190, MP450 printers to reset counter and error on the printers.

Although the software resetter for the Canon Pixma MP110, MP130, MPC190, MP450 printers has available on the internet but before using the software you must reset the printer manually. But manual reset can not reset the counter printer permanent, to reset counter permanent require software resetter such MPTool or Serive tool software.

Here the manual reset methos for The manual reset methods for Canon Pixma MP110, MP130, MPC190, MP450

Resetting overflow error code for Printer Canon Pixma MP110

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Click Menu, and then Scan, Copy and Scan again. All – entered the service mode.
  3. Select Counter
  4. Click Copy – everything. Waste dropped to zero.
  5. Turn off the printer POWER button.

Reset Canon Pixma MP130 Printer

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Press the MENU key, and then SCAN, COPY and SCAN again – entered the service mode.
  3. Select NVRAM ACCESS further OK.
  4. Select SET ABS-M LEVEL and set value equal to zero.
  5. Select SET ABS-R LEVEL (if any) and is set to zero.
  6. Turn off the printer POWER button.

Manual Reset for Canon Pixma MPC190 Printers

  1. Enter the service mode SERVICE MODE – pressing buttons Menu, Copy, Scan, Copy, Copy
  2. Choose TEST MODE.
  4. Choose 3, EEPROM CLEAR
  5. Select 0, INK COUNT
  6. Press the Set button.
  7. Click Stop / Reset button (return to item 3), and again press the ON / OFF

Reset Canon Pixma MP450 Printers

  1. Turn off the Printers .
  2. Hold button Resume/Cancel (red triangle in the circle), click on POWER – an indicator light green.
  3. Release the button Resume / Cancel keeping POWER.
  4. Click Resume/Cancel 2 times, keeping POWER, and then release all the buttons.
  5. When the indicator recorded GREEN – click Resume / Cancel 4 times!
  6. Turn off the Canon Pixma MP450 Printers POWER button.
Posted by Fz 29 Responses

29 Responses to “How to Reset Canon Pixma MP110, MP130, MPC190, MP450”

  1. John says:

    Your post is for MPC190 not MP190. We need a working fix for MP190.

  2. Moe says:

    I need a fix for the MP190 also. The ones mentioned for the MP190 don’t work. There is no menu button on my printer.

  3. LeRoy says:

    I need it for the MP190 not MPC 190. I typed MP190 and got this. There is a problem with your search engine and I am about ready to try another. Thank You.

  4. chuck nantz says:

    I need a fix for canon mp190 error code 23

  5. Michael says:

    I need a working fix for MP190.

  6. Einhander says:

    Please help me with my canon mp198… Ink Absorber full… How to fix that eror.


  7. Lupido says:

    I need a working Mp tool for MP190

  8. Cyrus G. Villaflores says:

    my canon pixma MP198 has a problem E5,. Would you help me to solve this problem and may i know how to reset canon pixma MP198 with E5 problem…thanks hoping for your reply

  9. DJ says:

    It seems on one knows a fix for the MP 190.

  10. kika says:

    PROSIM O RADU.MAM CANONKU PIXMA MP140 hlasi my poruchu ,dala som novu farbu a stale my to nefunguje porucha je E5.

  11. rif says:

    I need a fix for the MP190 also.

  12. Chuck says:

    I have a MP450 that is giving me an error code 5100, what is this and how do I correct the problem?

  13. bernardinoyoko says:

    this is the real ressetter for mp198 and newer model of canon
    just got this december2009
    you need tobe in service mode to use this

    this works 100 percent

  14. Moleman says:

    Procedure Pixma MP110 doesn’t work. When I choose “Counter Access” nothing happens after I push COPY

  15. santi says:

    My PIXMA MP110 always shows “COVER OPEN” on its LCD screen. Anyone knows how to fix/reset it?

    Thank you!

  16. davis says:

    hey bernardino your link is dead can you pls. re-upload it again?

  17. lex says:

    Lift Your cover up.
    Under the cover on the left side you see an opening with a switch in it.
    If you don’t see it,the switch is pushed from its position.
    If you see it,push on it with your finger.
    The message “cover open”must disappear.
    If not,replace the switch.

  18. azlal says:

    guna Resetter Canon MP198 tool.exe

    Procedure on how to Reset Canon MP198 Waste ink Absorber

    1. Start with printer OFF
    2. Hold down STOP/RESET and then hold down POWER
    3. Release STOP/RESET (don’t let go of the power just yet)
    4. press STOP/RESET twice, then release POWER
    5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.
    6. Run Service Mode Tools Version 1[1].050 (DL Link
    7. Set location Set: ASA (Asia Pacific) depends on your location
    8. Put paper in paper feeder Set Clear Waste Ink Choose: Main&Plater
    9. Test Print Click Cleaning1 Button
    10.Clear Waste ink Click Main Button
    11.if theres no longer activity in the printer press Stop/Reset Button.It will print waste ink status (D=000.0 Ps=000.0)
    12.Click Platen Button. It will print waste ink status (D=000.1 Ps=000.0)
    13. Turn off and ON printer
    14. Enjoy!!!! Printer waste ink absorber counter was succesfully reset.

    Procedure on how to Reset Canon MP198 Ink Level

    No solution as of now.

  19. horleaks says:

    I have tried up to the step 9 click on test print cleaning1 button but it show me error…
    and also I cannot see those words in the Reset Canon MP198 tool… it show question mark…

  20. MOKAHA says:

    My PIXMA MP110 always shows “CHECK INK TANK” on its LCD screen. Anyone knows how to fix/reset it?

    Thank you!

  21. trev says:

    cheers my MP130 is finally sorted

  22. test says:

    SOLVE! found a working reset tool for ink absorber E27 error MP190. the tool for MP198 works with MP190. link is at set printer to service mode first, the rest follow the procedure on this link and the reset software tool. you only need to clear waste ink “main”, then “platen”.

    NICE SOFTWARE, Service Mode Tools Version1[1].050. WORKS to reset ink absorber E27 error for MP190.

  23. Calinescu Dumitru says:

    Please help me,
    My printer PIXMA MP 110 after starting the display indicates “CHECK INK TANK” and fault LED flashes red. I want to tell you that I can not get into the reset menu. Can you help with a software service as I believe that no longer resets the counter.
    Thank you very much for your understanding!

  24. don hart says:

    Have used manual reset method for pixma mp130 and all is ok?? but where do i get a download of the software resetter tool. plse, plse, plse.

  25. Andrik says:

    WOO!!! Tried “Factory settings”, hard-turned-off and it finally loads paper!!! Thanks a lot!

  26. Minh Pham says:

    i have the printer pixma MP 450. the cartridges color and black are full, when I printed, the paper go thourght but not images on the paper, I don’t known why? please can you help me about that.


    mnh Pham

  27. Marion says:

    My Canon Pixma MP130 will not work. When I switch on I get messages “Colour ink low – put in cartridge” and “The waste ink tank absorber is almosr full”. The colour tank had hardly been used, but I have replaced it and I am still getting the same messages. I have tried the method given above to reset the printer, but the OK button is not registering the reset to “0”. Switching off and back on again is producing the saem two messages.
    What else can I do?

  28. Black Night says:

    MP 110 It works, normal settings from “sweet” Canon is max 2174 pages for print and 2604 for scan – how nice. My firmware is 01.58 – how to do it – mix acces mode from mp 110 and 130.
    1. turn on printer
    2. press “menu”, “scan”, “copy”, “scan” – if you do it quite quick (fast) you see: “firmware 01.58”
    3. press 2 x “+>” – you should see “card protect” – press “ok” – choose “no”, press “Menu”
    4. press 2 x “+>” – you should see “counter access” – press “ok” – you see “print page counter”, pres “copy” and set a new value with “<-" (go to about 30 -40 % of max value"), press "ok" and do the same with scan value. When you com to "abs-m dot count" make it to "0", and "abs-p dot" make to "1", of course remember to press always "ok"
    5. it's all, press "mode" to "firmware" and turn off printer, when you start again yours printer is like new one:-)

  29. Black Night says:

    Hallo, again, I do that when my pc was not connected to net, and (much more important) my printer was not connected with usb to pc – all is work like new:-)



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