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Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F


This software Resetter epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F is designed for windows XP but it also can be run in windows vista and windows 7.  To prevent this software resetter showing “can not be used” or program expired you can read my other tutorial about tips tricks how to run adjustment program. Tips to run adjustment program in windows 7

Reset waste ink pad counter epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F using this adjustment program. I have tried this software and this software worked. To run this software without error please follow the tutorial below. I have modified the bat file and I change the name tricks-collections.bat to assist when running program adjustment.

Here How to use this software :

  • Download the adjustment program (see below)
  • Extrak adjustment you have downloaded
  • Go to The extrakded folder then click tricks-collections.bat file
  • Now set the date setting in you PC to 11 April 2008,
  • Run adjustment program by click AdjProg.exe file the click accept
  • Click Particular adjustment mode then select destination and printer port then click OK
  • Select Waste ink pad counter from the below window and double-click to execute it
  • Click [Check] button to check current protection counter’s value.
  • Then Click [Initialization] to reset the protection counter to the initial value. Thats all.
  • After finishing, you can change the date to normal.

Link Adjustment program for epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F

  • Adjustment program for epson CX7300 :
  • Adjustment program for epson CX8300 :
  • Adjustment program for epson CX9300F :
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19 Responses to “Reset Waste Ink Counter Epson CX7300, CX8300 and CX9300F”

  1. JHON says:

    como resetiar la impresora epson cx 8300 esta bloquiada.

  2. benchys says:

    JHON Says:
    29 January 2009 at 7:18 pm
    como resetiar la impresora epson cx 8300 esta bloquiada.

    mandame un mail a


  3. jLou says:


    i badly need a tx100 resetter, if you have any kindly mail it to my e-mail:

    i really apprecieate it and thank you in advance!!!

  4. siphaw says:

    Epson T11 counter reset

  5. wilhians says:

    não consigo fazer download do reset p/ epson 110 e 7300

  6. Genzy says:

    thx for this resetter ^.^

  7. Molin says:

    I have an error while running this software on my Epson CX9300F, the software said “Communication Error! Error Code : 20000010”. Please help me…
    My email :

  8. luke says:

    Worked here with the Epson DX8450.

    I still have the prob that original ink is not recognized anymore in this printer that had only original ink for 4-5 times since it is used.
    I hate you Epson.

    Thanks for this tool 🙂

  9. haydoo says:

    you helped me in that ..i hope i can help u so ..thanx alot

  10. Miguel says:

    I have the same problem as “Molin” got an error while running this software on my Epson CX8300, the software said “Communication Error! Error Code : 20000010?. Please heeeeeelp

    mi email:

  11. grethel says:

    after i adjusted the date and run the file, it simply said that the program cannot be run then deleted all the files in the subdirectory

    my printer is epson stylus 7300

    please help

  12. Fz says:

    @grethel, Read this post:
    I hope the tutorial can solve your problem

  13. aniyeshe says:

    epson cx 8300 bloqued. pl help me i couldnt reset it and could not change date,,,,,thanks

  14. June says:

    I have problem with CX8300, I’ve run compatibility since I use Windows7.
    I run program AdjProg.exe step by step. After I click [Check] button to check current protection counter’s value then the program was not responding.

    Help me please…..

  15. rafa says:

    Hola tengo un gran problema saque una tinta para revisar y ahora no la reconoce
    que hago ?????

  16. rafa says:

    La impresora es cx 7300 de epson
    ayuda ayuda

  17. Juliano says:

    Can you reupload the adjustment program pls!!!!….Mediafire link is DEAD!! :(((

  18. Dave says:

    Hooked up CX8300 printer to new computer
    Prints no problem but won’t allow scanning. Comes up with ” operation could not be completed
    (error 0x0000015)
    Any ideas how to fix

  19. nelson says:

    El link se perdio no funciona :s no se puede bajar el programa


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