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How to Set-Up Continuous Ink System (CIS) in Epson T10, T11 and TX200


I posting tutorial installation Continuous Ink System ( CIS) in Epson T10, T11 and TX200 after there are question of visitor of this blog. This Tutorial can be used in Epson T10, T11 and TX200. Modify printer can cause printer error or damaged and cause warranty at your printer lose.

Step by step installation Continuous Ink Suply System (CISS) in Epson T10, T11 and TX200

  • Turn off the printer, then move the cartridge carrier to the right side of the printer, and then take out the original cartridges.

  • Use the screwdriver to remove the cover of the cartridge carrier. beware of when opening this cartridge cover.

  • Push the cartridge carrier to the right side.

  • Slide the cartridge under the bar, and take out the cartridges from right side.

  • Move the cartridge carrier back to the middle position of compartment, in order to install the cartridges.
  • Install the cartridge in their corresponding color position.

  • Place the T shape adhesive pad on the middle position of compartment.

  • Place the square adhesive pad on the left position of the printer.

  • Attach the tubing between the T shape adhesive pad and square adhesive pad.

  • Place adjust the tubing line, make sure the tubes are not twisted and are straight, with enough room to move back and forth freely with the cartridge compartment movement line.
  • The installation is completed.

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Posted by Fz 42 Responses

42 Responses to “How to Set-Up Continuous Ink System (CIS) in Epson T10, T11 and TX200”

  1. marco says:

    where can i buy this accessories for continous ink??? pls reply.

  2. Fauzan says:

    @macros, see information here

  3. ver says:

    where can i get a software reset for EPSON T10? anyone plsss… tnx.

  4. Sticker says:

    Please help…i need epson t10 waste ink pad resetter!..

  5. dede says:

    How to set up for the external waste ink?

  6. MalaysiaEconomic says:

    CISS is a good way to save your printing cost. I have a Brother C135 printer with CISS installed. One bottle of 100ml ink can use for more than 6 months even i print it daily. It’s WORTH!

  7. Quite interesting and informative. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I have the same efillink cis system and re-fillable cartridges and am plaqued by the red-X problems. Mine won’t clear this time either. Something is wrong. I’m calling Ronnie tonight. He indicates there are known chip problems, and tank fitment issues in the carriage.

  9. Try a continuous ink system…I just bought one and I love it…I no longer have to worry about being out of ink…it is supposed to equal 61 cartridges of each color and yet costs the same as 1 set.

  10. john says:

    i have a problem….the CISS is not recognized by the printer…what will i do???please help me… printer is epson T10…please help me

  11. jay says:

    you can buy this product at inkformatics digital supplies..please call +639189629662..we deliver all over the world..thanks!

  12. Dwight says:

    john maybe you ciss is not put properly.. check it . and put it properly

  13. charito says:

    i install cis for t10 y is it connot detect, and the ink catridge is fulll and explode to the printer? it scattered. y can i do for.

  14. vikram says:

    Hi i have epson t11 , i use ciss on my printer. its work verygood before. but after 100 prints show error ink not recognized , i use also ink wast tank . than work agian after 60 prints again show same error. plz help me to fix that error.

  15. Dudi Jaya says:

    @vikram : u can try this resetter at this link :

    i use it. until now i was print about 200 print without error.

  16. mhel says:

    i have a printer epson t10….after a few monthsi buy a CIS of epson t10….can u help me how to install a CIS…..MHEL…

  17. marv says:

    i just install cis for epson t10 printer but the cis cartridge cannot be recognize by the printer… what shall i do please help me

  18. Fz says:

    @Marv, please read installation cartridge procedure on printer’s manual book. I first had same problem on Epson C79 but after following instalation cartridge procedure the problem solved.

  19. marv says:

    i already read the manual but still the problem still exist… it really possible that the cartridge is really imcompatible with my printer? but the cis cartridge is realt for epson t10

  20. Fz says:

    @marv, maybe any error on your catrdige’s chips or the cartridge not compatible with your epson printer

  21. marv says:

    is there any way to fix it?

  22. marv says:

    can we make any adjustment with the printer to make compatible?
    how can fix chip’s error? the cis is731nr

  23. Fz says:

    @marv, I’m so sorry, because at this time I don’t have an idea to solve your problem

  24. neoman says:

    @marv we have the same problem. but before it works fine.

  25. lemuel banaag says:

    for the t10. its all about the cis versions. it has versions 5 and 6. chec the version of your printer if it matches

  26. dede says:

    i found in Printer canon ip1700, user intervention required…

    how to repair….?

  27. kam says:

    Magenta ink doesnt print out.
    i tried cleaning a dozen times..
    nothing happen..
    wat can i do???

    in nozzle check..
    only black, yellow and cyan.. =(

  28. Fz says:

    @kam, you can use liquid print head cleaner or using new cartridge

  29. rnold_e24 says:

    My Epson T10 is printing unwanted vertical lines, all four colors. Parang nag Print Head Allignment ka na vertical lines na dikit dikit. ang pangit tuloy ng print-out most of the time lumalabas siya sa document, sometimes four colors, sometimes in gray scale. thanks in advance…

  30. CONS@danpro says:

    Try to check ur printhead by pressing it againts the tissue…if only cyan and yellow are present then you have a clogged cartridge like magenta….but if all colors are present…thats the time to change your cartridge… at this point your cart is damaged….

  31. CONS@danpro says:


    Try mo tingnan ang yung clear film niya sa harap….kung merong foreign object na nakadikit dun blanko ang labas ng prinouts… if vertical…. kung horizontal sa head yan… tingnan mo lanng baka me grasa or ink na nakacover sa film…
    ingat lang… sensitive part yan..dahan2x sa pagpunas tissue lang ala na chemical na halo…

  32. CONS@danpro says:


    Epson t10 is compatible with 731nr…try to check the version at the chips.. you will see v6.0… if its not then its not compatible..if it is maybe the chips are damaged or it dosen’t contact into the pins…. try to check the contack between the pins and the chips….

  33. Doobie says:


    thanks for the info bro. i had the same problem. turns out, i had some ink on the film in front of my color cartridge. i don’t know how it got there though. is there anything i can do about this? or just clean this up with tissue paper from time to time? thanks again.

  34. lenyer says:

    Sir/Ma’am…! Hingi po sana ako ng advise kz po may printer kami T10 naka CISS na po sya… hindi po maganda ang printout specially sa mga pictures, I try try ko clean the head maganda naman sya halos wala putol na line, pero pag nag print na ako ng picture ganun pa rin ang lumalabas… thanks po..

  35. Gino Bueza says:

    Thanks. Does anyone know how to install the waste tank?

  36. cloyd says:

    our printer prints but there’s no print lay-outs on the paper.
    How can we fix it?

  37. Ravi says:

    good, but where can i buy cis for epson t11

  38. con says:

    pls, post tutorial for EPSON T13 also…. i don’t know how to set up…. it’s body is different from T11..
    i’ll wait for your post….

  39. nitesh says:

    epson printer all problem solved


    here is video

  40. sharon says:

    my printer is epson t10 continious ink , my ink cant flow properly how an i fix it?

  41. jane says:

    how to convert T13 without no chip, ink level always full howwwwwwwwwwwww? guys please help me…


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