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Resetter Printers Canon Pixma iP1000, iP1200, iP1300, iP1500, iP1600, 1700, iP2200, iP3000, iP4200, iP5200


Resetter Canon iP1000, Canon iP1200, Canon iP1300, Canon iP1500, Canon iP1600, Canon 1700,Canon iP2200, Canon iP3000, Canon iP4200, Canon iP5200. this reset methods has been tested.

Canon PIXMA iP1000, iP1500 Waste Ink Counter Reset

Step 1: Manual for Service mode

  1. Unplug power and USB.
  2. Open door and hold power button.
  3. Connect power.
  4. Close door, then release power button.

step 2 : Using Software Resetter for Permanant

  1. Reconnect the printer cable.
  2. Download
    General Tools software Resetter for canon Pixma iP 1500
    General Tools software Resetter for Canon PIXMA iP1000 Printers
  3. Run the Software Resetter and select (USB PORT)
  4. Choose SET DESTINATION 1 And it should be reset.

Remark “After service mode Pls use software for permanent reset”

Canon Pixma iP1200, iP1600, iP2200 Resetter

  1. Download software for Canon iP1200, iP1600, 2200 Printers.DOWNLOAD Service Tool Software for Canon Pixma Printer iP1200, iP1600, iP2200
  2. Unzip downloaded file by WinZip, 7Zip, Izarc, etc
  3. Run GeneralTool.exe
  4. Select the connected USB port number from USB PORT
  5. Click LOCK RELEASE, and select the applicable model name in SET DESTINATION
  6. In CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER, select MAIN or PLATEN. The selected waste ink counter will be reset. MAIN resets the main waste ink counter, PLATEN resets the platen waste ink counter.

If both the main and platen waste ink absorbers are replaced, reset both the main and platen waste ink counters.

Resetter canon iP 1700 and iP1300

Step 1 : Reset Hardware

  1. Turn off Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers
  2. Hold down Resume button and press Power button.
  3. Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.
  4. Press Resume button 2 times then let BOTH buttons go.
  5. Green lights will flash and then stop blinking.
  6. When green lights are solid, press the Resume button 4 times.
  7. Press the Power button and the Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should turn off, if not, press the Power button once more.
  8. Your Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should respond as normal

Step 2 : Using software resetter

  1. Download Software Resetter for Canon Printers iP1300 dan iP1700 Software Resetter for Canon Pixma iP1300, iP1700
  2. Ekstrak/Unrar/Unzip the Software
  3. run GeneralTool.exe
  4. Select  USB Port where the canon ip1300 or canon ip1700 installed.
  5. CLick Lock Release button
  6. Select EEPROM CLEAR
  7. Click Test Pattern 1 button
  8. Your Canon Pixma iP1700, iP1300 Printers should respond as normal.

Resetting Ink-Waste Overflow Counter Canon Pixma iP3000, iP4000, iP5000 Printers

  1. With the printer plugged in and powered off, press and hold the Resume/Cancel button, then press and hold the Power button. (DO NOT release the buttons. The LED light should be green to indicate that a function is selectable.).
  2. While holding the Power button, release the Resume/Cancel button. (DO NOT release the Power button.).
  3. While holding the Power button, press the Resume/Cancel button 2 times, and then release both the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and green, starting with orange.).
  4. When the LED light is green, press the Resume/Cancel button 4 times. (Each time the Resume/Cancel button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and green, starting with orange.).
  5. Press the Power button. The LED lights in green, and the reset is performed. (When the operation completes, the printer returns to the menu selection mode automatically.).
  6. Press the power button to exit service mode.

Note: if you accidentally press the Resume/Cancel button more than 4 times in step 4 then just press the Resume/Cancel button at least 10 times and the printer will be returned to step 4 automatically

Canon Pixma iP4200, iP5200, iP6000, iP8500 Reset Procedure

  1. Turn off the Printers.
  2. Hold Resume button click POWER.
  3. Hold button RESUME, release POWER
  4. Then press the button again twice RESUME.
  5. Release all the buttons.
  6. Indicator led in green and stay green.
  7. Click the button 4 times RESUME, if you want to make another transaction. :Look at the listed below:
    1 led- Orange – Service test print 1 times – Orange – Service test print
    2 led – Green – EEPROM information print 2 times – Green – EEPROM information print
    3 led – Orange – EEPROM initialization 3 times – Orange – EEPROM initialization
    4 led – Green – Waste ink counter setting 4 time – Green – Waste ink counter setting
    5 led – Orange – Destination setting (Press Power > Press Resume 3x) 5 times – Orange – Destination setting (Press Power> Press Resume 3x)
    6 led – Green – Print head deep cleaning 6 times – Green – Print head deep cleaning
    11-13 led – Orange, Green, Orange – Return to menu selection
    14 led – Green – Left margin correction 14 times – Green – Left margin correction
  8. Turn off the printer POWER button.
Posted by Fz 103 Responses

103 Responses to “Resetter Printers Canon Pixma iP1000, iP1200, iP1300, iP1500, iP1600, 1700, iP2200, iP3000, iP4200, iP5200”

  1. nizam says:

    hello sir

    i already install the general tool .but i can`t run the program. i do no why the program can`t run .he still show me port name not regist!!!

    help me

  2. Fauzan says:

    @ nizam, maybe your printer not installed correctly

  3. babal says:

    sy jg punya masalah sama dengan bro nizam…kenapa yach????
    padahal kmaren2 bisa jalan kok softwaernya tp skarang kok gak bisa??? dah coba instal ulang driver printernya tetep aja gak bisa

  4. jj says:

    I have the problem with my iP2200 when I try to go through the above steps. In the last step (CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER) the software (iPTool) gets stuck. Can someone be of any help?

  5. Fauzan says:

    @jj any two software can be use to reset canon iP2200

    If using general tool, to run general tool, all file attributes should not be read only.

    If using iPTool software, occasionally iPTool not 100% support at selected printer.

  6. jj says:

    Fauzan, thank you for your answer. I tried the both – iPTool and GeneralTool, but with the same result. The software got stuck in the operating system (Not responding) and nothing happened.
    Is there some other solution for reseting the waste ink counter? For example using HW buttons on the printer?
    (for Canon iP2200)

  7. Fauzan says:

    @jj, Manual Reset Canon IP2200

    1. turn off printer and remove power cord.
    2. press and hold power button.
    3. while pressing power button insert plug the power cable.
    4. Press resume button 2 times.
    5. release Power button.

    Maybe it help 😀

  8. jj says:

    Thank you very much, Fauzan!
    It helped in the way, that I can print now.
    The printer still alerts low level of ink, but lets me print. I will go on later.

  9. Rolly says:

    salamat sa tools try ko muna kung mag wowork

  10. isarganteng says:

    mengapa ketika di klik generalTool.exe –> ada tampilan the port not regist!!!

  11. Frank van 't Veer says:

    Hello Fauzan,

    Thanks for your suggestion about removing the power cord etc. It worked! I was about to toss the printer in the waste bin, after spending a whole afternoon taking the printer apart, cleaning everything and trying to make the software work, when I read your suggestion. Thanks a million!


  12. jeremy says:

    thank you fauzan…
    that was a great help.
    keep posting.

  13. JOEL says:

    pls! help how to reset my iX4000 printer waste pad is full! thats my printer message!

  14. Fz says:

    @JOEL, please read this article to reset waste ink pad in your printer

  15. arif says:

    aku dah cba reset ip 1980 dengan reseter 1880, gua denger bisa tapi kok selalu hang apa ada hubunganya dengan region printer ato gimana ya, ada yang bisa bantu

  16. reynan says:

    thanks for the software of printer re setters,

  17. shajed says:

    I can’t download the “ip1000 resetter software General Tools” software from this side .
    pl help me.
    Thank u

  18. rafael says:

    não funcina nada

  19. jorge says:

    My Printer cannon ip1300 said “paper jam” even though no paper stuck inside, what can i do to fix this error?…I’ve already reinstall it,cleaning…idk wat is the solution of this problem..can u help me this situation….just email me or post this in this site….thanks ^ ^ xD

  20. Jhonvonneuman says:

    Okkey funciono Muchas gracias

  21. Jhonvonneuman says:

    Okkey funciono Muchas gracias perdon fue con el software ip1300

  22. raouf12 says:

    thank you very match

  23. J.S. Bradley says:

    after using waste tank reset software tool and dumping eeprom, my Pixma ip1500 printers will not work properly. trying to install the printer installation software, the USB ports aren’t recognized and the printer software will not finish installing. How do I reinstall the software and make the printer work right? I have two separate Pixma ip1500 printers that I have used trying to get the software to install. One printer didn’t use the software and the waste tank reset or the eeeprom , yet it won’t allow the installing and usb port to be loaded with the driver. Does anyone know of a fix that I can try?

  24. J.S. Bradley says:

    Disregard the first post on my Pixma ip1500 failing to install software properly after eeprom dump. I tried about a dozen different thigs and gi=ot it to working, so I don’t know what fixed it, but its working.

  25. Darrell says:

    I get 7 orange flashes when I turn on my Canon Pixma iP1500. The Pixma manual does not list 7 flashes. What’s the fix?


  26. hemant panchal says:

    sir i have printer cannon prixma ip 1300 and having problem it says that ink cartridge is not autrosirised i bout new ones but the ame

  27. cavernkeeper says:

    sir i have done all the instructions here, i still coud not reset my ip1300. the leds are blinking orange and green alternately and pauses every seven flashes.

  28. d babo says:

    Manually reset tricks helps me temporarily, but when I turn off and turn it on, I notice the problem again. I do it repeatedly whenever I need to print anything with the printer.

    The service tool is not working. A message “Port Name Not Regist !!” appears again and again when executed the file “iP1000GeneralTool_98_2K_XP.exe” .

    Please help me……


  29. abeecdick says:

    very usefull info, thanks very much 🙂

  30. joe says:

    getting the same “port name not regist” error here. used it once and it worked like charm. has anyone found a solution to this yet?

  31. Nikos says:

    Hello guys… I just used your ideas kai worked !!!
    I have a iP1600 Canon … but i used the trick for “iP1500 Canon”
    and worked… xexe 😀
    Thank you guys

  32. Mya says:

    My Printer canon ip1200 said “paper jammed” even though no paper stuck inside, …i cant cleaning the roller and do the others..How to fix this error,,or should change the roller??

  33. Pete says:

    Excellent info. Worked perfectly on canon ip1500. Many thanks.

  34. douglas ames says:

    how to re-set ink counter canon printer i ip2000

    please help

    thankyou regards Douglas

  35. Vitor. T. says:

    Fauzan, I reseted my printer using your post, and worked.
    Im printing normally, now.
    Thank u!

  36. Camilla says:

    I have a Pixma iP5200 and it flashes three times for paper jam. There WAS a jam, but I’m absolutely sure that I’ve got all paper out. I’ve tried the instruction for resetting, but I makes no sence?!

    # Turn off the Printers.
    # Hold Resume button click POWER (I hold the upper button and press Power)
    # Hold button RESUME, release POWER (I still hold the upper button and release hold)
    # Then press the button again twice RESUME. (I release the upper button and press it twice)
    # Release all the buttons. (How can I release any button? I’m currently not pressing any?)
    # Indicator led in green and stay green. (nope)

    How do I fix this *three flashes* problem?

  37. fahn1 says:

    I’ve done the Reset for my Canon IP3000, but now the printer will not start up at all? Could you please advise what other steps I can attempt? 🙁

    Thanks much!

  38. enuj says:

    my canon pixma iP 1200 has a problem.

    whenever i print many pages, the printer will feed all the paper at once. resulting delayed printing or paper feeding.. Please help..

  39. own says:

    hi… I already download the ip1880 tool but the general tools.exe resetter software cannot run. When I click general tools MFC application massage appear. The massage is ‘general tools MFC application has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.’ Somebody can tell me why? and how to run the software? I want to reset my printer. Please help me.

  40. Fz says:

    @own, you reset your printer manually before using the software

  41. ronnie says:

    is there any available resetter for ip 2770?

  42. Lydia Gina B. Villareal says:

    i encounter service error 6000 in my canon pixma iP2200….. help me what will i do.

  43. khel says:

    i have downloaded the reset for ip1200 but evrytime i click the service tool it says usb port not regist….what will i do?i have manually reset my ip1200 b4 i clicked the service tool but its still the same message i get….somebady help me

  44. Ashim basak says:

    my printer ip 1800. problem -when printer counection computer then not loding printer driver. how to solve this problem?

  45. Sherly Tan says:

    hi i have lil problem here….my canon pixma ip1700 wont work properly. when i print picture the colour wont be the same like blue being green. please help me.

  46. Fz says:

    @Sherly Tan, To solve your problem you reset your printer. You can use the reset method mentioned above. If reset method above does not work you can use following reset method:

    1. Turn on your printer
    2. Click resume button one time
    3. Turn off and then turn your printer on.
    4. If the printer normal again continue to reset the printer using iPTool or service tool program (optional)

    This method work on my Canon iP1700 when the printer blinking (7 times yellow/orange and One time Green)

  47. own says:

    I had reset the printer manually before using the software. Unplug and plug back the cable at the behind printer and the same time hold the power button and press once the resume button. The printer on in stable but I need to reset the waste ink counter permanently. I don’t want to open the printer every time need me to unplug and plug back cable and hold the power button and press the resume. For information I’m using Win 7, I think may be it the cause.

  48. Nigel says:

    Absolutely fantastic instructions for restetting waste ink absorber. Having cleaned the absorbers I couldn’t get the machine to reset and then found this article -marvellous and thankyou. Nigel.

  49. arman says:

    so sad. my is canon ip 1200. the instructions did not solve my problem.

  50. dhan says:

    After using Resetter for Canon Pixma iP1300, iP1700 on my ip1300,click EEPROM CLEAR button,cartridge can not detect.It can detects Color : BC-71 and Black : BC-70
    cartridge.Please help…

  51. Seymiyon says:

    lots of for this site for successfully compiled the resetting iP 1300E printer

  52. EIHCOR says:

    i’ve got canon pixma ip1880, w/ continous ink. cartridges were replaced few months ago and now it seems that cartridges were the problem again. it suddenly wouldn’t print. orange light flashes 7 times then once on green. if I open the printer cover & close it again, orange light flashes 5 times this time. what could be the problem of my printer & please, could anyone help me troubleshoot this? i’ve already stumbled & tried on different resetting techniques but still of no avail.

  53. michael says:

    why i cannot download a resetter for canon ip 1000…

  54. abang yudo says:

    not work for my ip1300 printer 🙁

  55. Billstickers says:

    I have an iP1300. The orange light flashes 7 times. I have cleaned the ink pads and tried the reset code over and over again. I cannot get it to reset. BUT I am using Win7. It has previously printed quite OK with Win 7. Any help appreciated thanks. It has been a great printer for my needs.

  56. Fz says:

    @Billstickers, The orange light flashes 7 times on canon iP1300 caused there is problem with the cartridge. Usually caused by a defective cartridge or dirty pin connector in the cartridge.

  57. wahN9 says:

    thanks very much for this software

  58. Billstickers says:

    To Fz – thanks for your advice.I will get another cartridge. Billstickers

  59. andriks says:

    it’s works for my IP1700

  60. Bjarne says:

    have an IP4200 with 5x orange blink. Tried the above procedure without luck. Resulted in power button blinking (green) contantly. Unly way to get out of this is to unplug machine.
    And then when giving 5x orange blink after power up.
    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance …

  61. Fz says:

    @Bjarne, Usually 5x orange blink caused by cartridge error

  62. dith c. sevilla says:

    i did try resetting ink overflow procedure for pixma iP1300 but the message of ink absorber is full. i cannot download the resetter, im using windows 7. what will i do? pls assist me thanks…

  63. erichos says:

    why i cannot download a resetter for canon ip 1000???

  64. Fz says:

    @erichos, You can download the software resetter from download page above: Resetter Canon iP1000

  65. Ari says:

    I’m using ip1600 and had 5x orange blinking. It was the black cartridge (refilled) caused it. Changed the to the original but still have the same problem … until I found this website..
    Thanks bro, it works on my ip1600 !

  66. Mr.Raj Kumar Saha says:

    hardware trouble sutting diagram & manul.i need.
    my printer is totall part by part servecing, for me. becaouse ink. cartridges pipe not setting.
    plz send me hardware manul send me. urjent.

  67. Steffen says:

    Is there a way to deactivate the Ink Control on Canon Pixma IP4200 ?
    Thanks for Answers.

  68. Ganesha Pramukh says:

    Worked successfully for Canon IP1600, Thankyou very much.

  69. Dennis Gomez (Phil) says:

    I’ve downloaded the resetter for Canon ip 1300 and it really works, thanks a lot

  70. zoe says:

    my printer is IP1980 and was purchased 2 months ago. my problem is that it doesn’t turn on anymore. it seems that its power is no longer functioning. what can possibly be done about it?

  71. zaker ahmad says:

    valo laglo… thanks…
    it would be great if you could have a write up on how to disassemble my ip1300. I have to change the waste ink absorbers

  72. andres bonifacio says:

    Pls. provide a an ink pad resetter for Canon PIXMA 9500 II. Badly needed. Pls.. . . help me!!! Thnks for those who are willing to help someone like me…

    God Bless!

  73. neeru says:

    we bought a canon printer mp 287. we want to claim for a giordano watch help us!!!!!!!!!!

  74. mad madsen says:

    Hey I have a IP5200R i have set at manual IP. now i can’t connect to it. I have tryed to print out the EEPROM information but nothing happend.
    How do you execute the command after pushing the RESUME button let say 2 times for EEPROM information print?
    I would like to factory reset the printer, that is my main goal.

  75. patwary says:

    Je possède une imprimante Canon Pixma Ip3000. Je m’explique : maintenant quand je l’allume, le petit voyant clignote 5 fois Orange et une fois Vert, cable USB branché ou non. La console sur le PC me dit “Erreur de l’opérateur.
    Appuyez sur le bouton REPRENDRE de l’imprimante.
    Si le problème persiste, annulez l’impression, mettez l’imprimante hors tension puis sous tension.”
    Le probleme c’est que la touche Reprendre ne répond plus…
    Les cartouches sont des Canon.
    Quelqu’un aurait-il une iddée ?
    Merci !

  76. Dipta Das says:

    Hello………..any one can help me………….i need canon ip 4500 reset software

  77. freeworld says:

    do you have a resetter for canon IP 4790? pls help me. tnx

  78. robert leleu says:

    Never succeeded to enter config mode on a iX4000, always obtained 14 alternated flashes and one long green, then again.
    Ordered an iX6550

  79. Mayz says:

    Thanks for the tip my ip1300 worked with your tip for manual resetting 🙂 2 thumbs up

  80. Dipesh says:

    i want a pixma ip1300 EEPROM reset tool plz help .. that i can use with my windows 7 Ultimate

  81. tomjoram says:

    i tried everything in the general tool for my cannon ip1200 but when i run the tool its not responding after i click the MAIN or PLATEN, i also tried the reset code and doesnt work, and now i cant detect my printer it says its offline.

  82. Fz says:

    @tomjoram, for all canon printer series, you just reset the printer manually before reset it using software resetter

  83. warsito says:

    i try everything 1. i try with EEPROM reset 2. try with turn it off 3. i try with turn it over the position everything is not DONE. finally i buy new one. it’s DONE

  84. descendant says:

    hi I’ve used the software resetter on my canon ip3000 and now my printer had gone haywire, the printer cannot be detected anymore and it shows under unrecognized deviced canoIp3100 instead, I think something must have gone wrong with the eeprom reset procedure
    how can I revert this process back and bring back my printer to its original state?

  85. jerwin says:

    thank you very much! really work on my ip1200..two thumbs up for you & your tools

  86. knight says:

    i need help . when i reset my canon ip2770 the service tool gets stuck .. and i did all the advice above but sadly didn’t work on my printer. can anyone help me pls … tnx .

  87. MSD says:

    I need to reset counter, against Canon PIXM IP 7240. any one have exe for this reference, pls provide me, as soon as possible.

  88. budi says:

    why can’t my canon 1200 instal to win8, how to make it done?

  89. haffrand says:

    I need to reset counter, against Canon PIXM IP 7240. any one have exe for this reference, pls provide me, as soon as possible.

  90. haffrand says:

    help me canon ip 7240 error 5b00

  91. haffrand says:

    I need to reset counter, against Canon PIXM IP 7240. error 5b00 help me thank u

  92. J paulr says:

    Is there a chip reset function/hardware available to reset canon pixma ip3222

  93. tom says:

    can u help me reset canon pixma mg7170 ink absorber error . have tried every tool (upto canon service tool version 3600) . same 006 error

  94. Nyza says:

    Need some advice
    I’m currently using pixma ip1200, recently i cant print anything as it is indicated thta peper is jammed,when it is not. What should i do

  95. khentech says:

    How about ip2870 is there an ressetter or tools youve made? Thanks

  96. Eve says:

    Thank you!! It helped me in resetting my Canon Printer iP300.

  97. minhanh says:

    I need to reset counter, against Canon PIXMA E400. any one have exe for this reference, pls provide me, as soon as possible.

  98. sarswati chander says:

    i need to reset my canon pixma MG2270 all in one inkjet printer as it is showing an error p07……. how can i do it… does it require any software or it can be done manually…… help as soon as possible….

  99. Kent says:

    Can someone post manual reset procedure for ip4950? I’m getting alternating green/orange lights blinking 10 times, pause, again loop. Also B500 error.

  100. Nattynoodle says:

    Can someone help please

  101. Nattynoodle says:

    Can some help please. Bought two new cartridges for my canon ip1300. The green light if flashing , then the oraNGE LIGHT 4 TIMES. iTS saying the ink cartridges are empty ????

  102. CampusBro says:

    At Nyza or those who have same problem like paper jam, though there’s no paper in it… Look closely at the paper feed or path, there might be an object (a paper clip or something) that makes the printer send a paper jam message.

  103. Pavel Sluge? says:

    Who will help reset absorber canon ix 6850? please



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