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Knowing About Geophysical Resistivity and IP Imaging


Scientists, students and corporations that want to learn more about geophysical resistivity and IP imaging can do so for a number of reasons. While tomography is a relatively new form of measurement, the underground images that are produced by the equipment in the field can help many people perform a number of tasks very easily.


In industry, there are companies who are looking for underground oil and gas deposits, coal deposits and deposits of other metals and precious stones. These deposits are often found through imaging that is high-quality and can be delivered right to a computer or monitor. The units that perform these measurements can be used by the teams out in the field as they scour land that has already been leased or as they check new land interests to see if there is a viable source of income for the company in that area.

Knowing About Geophysical Resistivity and IP Imaging


Students can do studies of tomography with these units very simply. Rather than students guessing how the land underneath them is shaped and contoured, it is possible for them to get geophysical images that can be seen clearly on their computer screen as they do the measurements. These real-time images are perfect for scientific advancement because students can learn about the land around them very quickly without any guesswork.


Scientists may be consulting with large exploration companies or working on research through their university or employer. With the help of this imaging technology, every scientist can get the most accurate images from the ground for their research. These images come back to the scientist in color and can be taken to a great depth in order to allow the scientist to draw conclusions for themselves, their research or their employer. these sensitive instruments are able to change the way that an area is viewed while also providing invaluable information to the people taking the measurements.

These imaging units can be large or small and serve everyone from scientists to students in their search for more information about what is under their feet. These imaging units can make money for corporations and justify research for scientists.

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