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LeopardXP – Transform Windows XP Desktop to Mac OS X Leopard


LeopardXP from BricoPack is a good software to transform windows XP desktop to Mac desktop and make Windows XP desktop look like Mac OS X Snow leopard.

Actually BricoPack LeopardXP not new software, this software has been released a few years ago but this post only share to this blog visitor and I think is good software for windows XP to Windows XP desktop to Mac OS X Leopard look.  LeopardXP BricoPack is contain many small software and make it practice to transform and add MAC OS X style to Windows XP desktop. Usually I use FlyakiteOSX to make My Windows XP Desktop look like Mac OS X. LeopardXP support and work on Windows XP.

Here the screen-shot of my Windows XP desktop after transformed into Mac OS X using LeopardXP. On this test I use LeopardXP ver 1.0.

BricoPack LeopardXP 1.0 - Mac OS X Dektop

List software that includes on LeopardXP BricoPack

There are few program or software packaged in the LeopardXP BricoPack, are:

  • iColor Folder: small application for changing the color of a folder and make folder in windows XP look like Mac
  • TClock2: a clock style that will replaces the clock in the windows XP taskbar with a Mac taskbar style.
  • RKlauncher Ivista Leopard Dock: this software  is designed by Raduking and improved by Yoni to a full Leopard look.
  • Move Taskbar to The top of Flyakite: is a small program to create FlyakiteOSX to move the taskbar up.
  • UberIcon of Punk Software: very nice software to add visual effect when double clicking the icon in windows XP.
  • TrueTransparency: Make the windows frame transparent
  • Glass2k of Chime Softwares: This software will make the windows XP’s taskbar transparent.
  • Yz’Shadow by M. Yamaguchi: Adding shadow to every opened windows and to taskbar, this software will make the windows XP desktop more beautiful
  • CursorXP Free: by Stardock allowing to remplace the original windows XP cursors with MAC OS cursor

Download BricoPack LeopardXP at this link: Download LeopardXP

Posted by Fz 3 Responses

3 Responses to “LeopardXP – Transform Windows XP Desktop to Mac OS X Leopard”

  1. Wagalla Nixon says:

    i love this, its wonderful!!

  2. jen says:

    I just recently downloaded this for an ancient computer running winxp. Everything seems fine after installation, except the taskbar didnt change at all but become the win95 like taskbar…This is so even after i reinstalled..what should I do?

  3. Satyajit Dhar says:

    How to reduce the transparency of the menu bar in brico pack? I dont like it actually. Plz help me with that…….



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