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All miRC Tips and Tricks mentioned here is collected from various source. Here tips and tricks collections for miRC.

1. Altering Colour
At mIRC we can alter text colour we to present. By Press Ctrl+K will appear “Color Index box”. You can choose provided colour from 0 up to 15.

2. Flood Protection

  1. When you chatting, will often seen text time after time so that your chatting screen chatting annoyed. To prevent this matter type “/ flood 350 20 3 30.” You’d accept 350 bytes per 3 user and ignore time 30s.
  2. Or you can activate flood protection through File> Options>IRC>Flood, last activated “Enable Flood protection”.

3. Identifier
At mIRC you can to see information other chatter, ISP used, who is him and the User ID. right click mouse at one of the chatter name then selected “Whois”. Or you can type “/whois < nickname>” at text Bar.

4. Invisible Mode
when you enter a chat room, you can visible or invisible. To activate invisible mode:

  1. type “/mode <your nickname> +i” at status bar will seen sign (+i).
  2. You can activate Invisible Mode through File> Option>Connect. After seen “Connect menu”, select “Invisble Mode”. Activating this mode before you tied on server.

5. Capture URL
In mIRC often found an URL address typed by other chatter. You can capture the URL. Selected File> Option>IRC>Catcher, then activated “Enable address catching for URL’s”.

6. Searching MP3
You can search MP3 file from a chat room. Type @<Nickname> a chatter to get file list MP3.

7. Download MP3 File
If you have found MP3 file, to download this file, type  “!<nickname> <complete file name>” at “Text Bar”.’ Please wait a few moments before files transferred.

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