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Solution Ink Out Error for Epson Printer


One of the problem on the Epson printer when ink level indicator is empty will show Ink Out error message when printing. This problem is usually marked with the ink led/ resume ledĀ  is light (not blinking) and when view ink level indicator the printer status on computer it show the cartridge indicator is empty and marked with X. To solve this problem, on the canon printer you can press button combination to reset the ink level but on the Epson printer you need chips resetter or on old version Epson printer you can use software resetter like SSC server or adjustment program.

In the Epson printer this problem usually appear if you use original Epson cartridges (on new Epson printer model, C79 above) and this problem cannot be reset using resetter but on old version Epson printer such as Epson C45, C67, C58, etc you can reset the cartridge using cartridge resetter.

To solve “Ink out error” problem for Epson Printer you can use one of the following methods:

  1. Change the Epson Cartirdge with compatible Epson cartridge or replace the Epson chipsĀ  with auto-reset chips.
  2. Reset Chips of cartridges using chips resetter (Chips resetter available for old Epson version only). You can buy chip resetter on computer or printer shops near you home. If you use old epson printer model you can reset the chips using SSC software but this software not support for new Epson printer models.
  3. Replace old cartridge with new cartridges, this is last solution if the both methods above not solve the problem. Before replace with new cartridge, check beforehand whether the problem is really caused by a cartridge or not because I found some ink out error is not caused by chips but cause by cartridge not installed correctly.

I hope this post can help you to solve “Ink out error” problem in your Epson printer

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22 Responses to “Solution Ink Out Error for Epson Printer”

  1. Uda says:


    My Epson C90 use CISS. Recently use resetter the reset the waste ink counter. After that, all ink (in properties) having an X on it. The error prompted is ink out error. After that could get the error working anymore but the tank is still full with ink. How you think I can workaround this problem? I have use the reset button but still not working. Actually there some steps to use the reset button but forgot how the shops told last time. So when click resume button, the catridge will go to the open position the I click the reset button. I think it is not the correct way to do that. If you could tell how. Thanks.

  2. ayingcer says:

    having the same problem here..what should we do? is there a way around here..thanks…

  3. I had a problem with it,I already followed the steps please help!


  4. Father Warlie says:

    Just recently, I have resetted my c90 successfully, but afterwards, the Ink Out Error appears! what should I do!

  5. Fz says:

    @Father Warlie, maybe you need to reset chips cartridge your Epson C90

  6. EPSON1390 says:

    my epson type is 1390. the problem is the red lamp for ink still on not blinking. when i press the power button, and the printer loading. but after loading finish, the lamp direct on.
    I have tried to reset this printer with adjustment program. but the problem still occure.
    If anyone know how to solve this problem, please contact me via email.


  7. Fz says:

    @EPSON1390, maybe you need the chjips cartridge of the printer. Reset using chips resetter tool

  8. EPSON1390 says:

    @Fz : My Printer is using ink infusion, but not using the original cartridge.
    I have tried to change the cartridge to the original cartridge, and i already to reset the printer, but the problem still occure.
    How to solve this problem?

  9. Marvin says:

    Hi Nedd progam that can reset Epson Stylus Photo P50. And how do I do it. Thanks

  10. roy rapio says:

    My Epson C90 use CISS. Recently use resetter the reset the waste ink counter. After that, all ink (in properties) having an X on it. i’d tried to change it to original lcartridge but the probles is the same all ink having an X on it… what is the best solution for these problem? help me!!!!!!!!

  11. tanvir says:

    ink out error
    is sateyl printer 1410

  12. DEVADUTT says:

    i cant reset my c 58 with both ssc service and adjpro.exe.some error like “ink out error” and “communication error” .how to solve this .please help meeeeeeeeeee……………

  13. Fz says:

    @DEVADUTT, to solve your proble, (1) using new cartridge, (2) replace cartridge’s chips with autoreset chips

  14. HPT says:

    My Epson printer stylue1390 it has problem . when i print out is not good .so how can i solve it ?

  15. petrus says:

    epson1390: hey, i just found the solution a moment ago, reset the software you’re using, i assume that you use mac, because i’m using mac and had a problem too.
    my friend take my epson 1390 to his house, then he can print only by pulling the cartridge and put it back. oh, and his using windows.
    i’m taking my epson back, then it happen again.i search the internet, found this site then i reset the software minute ago, then it works, so i want to share.

    HPT: you mean the color is not what you wanted? have you using head cleaning? if you already done that and still having trouble, no software can repair it. i think your head printer just damage, i’m not sure, but i happen with my other brand printer.

  16. Suwarno says:

    Yes, it make me upset now…I try to use on T20E with reseter …it’s work, but for just a couple minutes. Petrus was right, your head printer may be damage. But, there is a solution…you can buy a cleaner for your head cartridge that won’t out some colors (e.g blue)…I don’t now what the liquid made from. But, that just the secret for a repairer…I used alcohol to clean those damage cartridge and work for a while till it turn blur again,…I guess we should buy the original one hehehe…it’s just an argument pal…happy experience.

  17. noera says:

    OMG …. i have the same problem …… i’d used c90 resetter but still “ink out error” ……. waiting for next commentator …… n make a solution

  18. Hanumanta Rao D. says:

    I too had purchased three months back Epson Stylus TX121 by the assurance of the local retailer that it can be used by compitable ink cartridge. But after using the one compitable cartridge by name Pro Dot – ink out error displaying after immediate place of new cartridge – Pro Dot. When approached the Service Centre – they simple denied showing the plea that only original Epson cartridges should be used which is more than half cost of the printer. This is all nothing but a cheating game played by the Epson compay and net work. The buyers are requested to recognise the cheating – hitherto by visiting the net.

  19. Nathaniel says:

    i h ave epson is already converted to continous ink..the poblem is the blue ink is not working,even they check it…what will i do now?

  20. Teresita says:

    i have EPSON ME 32 …it is already converted to continous ink but the problem is the black ink is not working.What will i do?

  21. virgil says:

    Epson is holding all of us hostage,,,I am going to contact the law firm that has been winning all the cases against Dell,,They like going after the big guys,that are cheating the little people…Everyone who has this out of ink problem with epson printers NEEDS to email the Law Firm of LEIF CABRASER,HERMAN & BERSTEIN,LLP Just tell them what your printer is doing. WE WILL WIN

  22. Magoroku Kai says:

    I have solved this problem for Ink Out error message on Epson TX121 Printer. We can not use epson TX121 adjustment program because there is no menu for ignore ink out error but we can found it in the adjustment program for epson L100 and L200. I have tested on Epson tx121 convert in chipless. Details at


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