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Ways to Create a Strong and Effective Call Center Environment


The call center is often the main point of connection between the customer and the customer care agent and is an important part of any serious business. However, call centers often vary in quality and require a number of strategies to be carried out on a regular basis, in order to do well. Care and attention must be provided to the customer at all times, as well as to the staff that are managing the calls. A good work ethic should also be set in place and should be visible to both the customer and the staff that work in the call center. In this article we will look at several ways in which a call center can be handled, in order to maximize it’s efficiency.

Ways to Create a Strong and Effective Call Center Environment

The customer

The customer should always come first. This is especially true when inbound or outbound calls are taking place at a customer call center. The customer should be able to trust the service that the call center provides and should leave the situation feeling confident and positive that progress has been made. The staff that provide the service should also be flexible and should always try and meet the needs of the customer, however difficult the situation may be.

The staff

The second most important element in the operation of a call center business is the staff. These are the ones that need to be kept in a positive and proactive mood through out each shift. This positive attitude will then feed into each individuals performance on the telephone when they deal with the customer. Hiring the right people for the job is also always an important process and will help in the development of a strong and reliable team.

Monitor the activity in the Call center

Monitoring all calls and data should take place on a daily basis and should be carried out as much as possible in a business environment such as this. Collecting data can be extremely important as it will show certain trends in the development of the business and will give a greater sense of whether the company is growing, or whether it is stalling. Monitoring activity in the call center is also good when finding weak points. One can then work on these areas to improve the overall performance of the team and the working environment.

Set targets

Targets and rewards in a call center can help in the development of the staff and the energy that they put into their job role. Team members may focus on the introduction of fun incentives, such as rewards for reaching certain goals. This can be created by introducing a fun but competitive culture in the call center. Individuals will then work harder and will bond with other team members within the work place. This is great as a form of team building, as well as a way of boosting morale in the employer.

Create a service which is trustworthy

Everyone who works in the call center should have a clear understanding of the goal and the ethos behind the company. The company itself should not hide anything from the staff that are working in the company. The staff should also not have to hide anything from the customer. This openness will create a stronger bond between everyone and will lead to an extremely effective and trustworthy company

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Nichola Wilson works within the customer services team at Magnetic North, one of the UK’s leading call centre software companies.

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