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Windows Seven Aero RC for Windows XP


This is high Quality windows Seven Aero RC theme for Windows XP. This theme is created by Gutuu. This themes package include with Viglance software. Viglance software to make taskbar of themes transparent like windows 7 aero.


Download Windows Seven Aero RC themes from here

Update, to aswer Balagurunath’s qiestions. how to install this themesĀ  is easy and simple.

  1. download the extact the downloaded themes.
  2. Copy “Seven7RC” folder to “C://Windows/resource/themes” folder if you install your windows in drive C.
  3. Now right click on the desktop, select appearance tab. in the windows and buttons section you will see new themes, apply the themes.
  4. To activate aero click “ViGlance.exe” in folder “ViGlance” (no installation require).
Posted by Fz 9 Responses

9 Responses to “Windows Seven Aero RC for Windows XP”

  1. Balagurunath says:

    Thanks.Nice post.Please explain me in detail how can i install the theme

  2. Fz says:

    @Balagurunath, I have update this post

  3. Wise says:

    This is excellent….great work….WELDONE……………………….

  4. ALI riri says:

    Im french, so if I install the theme, Is that it will be French?

  5. Bray says:

    Does it make the system run slow?
    or does it overwrite the system files?\
    dose it have a virus?


  6. Fz says:

    @Bray, This software not make the system slow I have tested on small specification computer

  7. Anish says:

    Can’t Make It work!

  8. Creaton says:

    Very good-good work bro, btw, thanks for share ^_^

  9. Patrick Dreier says:

    simple Aero Windows classic startmenu in Windows XP.


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