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Yahoo! Web Analytics – Sort Review


Have tried google analytics to monitoring your blog? Possibly you interest to use Yahoo Analytics. Yahoo! Web Analytics is free and delivers powerful, flexible, real-time site analytics. Yahoo! Web Analytics is more than simply a reporting tool. It is a powerful, and highly flexible, data analysis tool.
This service is actually quite old and this is just for information that is not yet know.
Features of Yahoo Analytics

  • Executive Analytic Dashboards – UPGRADED FEATURE, View key performance metrics within customizable executive dashboards.
  • Raw and Real Time Data Collection, Near real-time data collection allows you to see data in reporting within moments of the actual website visit.
  • Visitor Demographics Reports – NEW FEATURE, Better understand who your customers are and how to better align your marketing with your desired audience.
  • Visitor Behavioral Reports – NEW FEATURE, Learn the interest categories and top Yahoo! properties visited by your customers.
  • Custom Reports and Custom Fields – UPGRADED FEATURE, Customize your data collection with Custom Fields. Customize your reports with the Custom Report Wizard.
  • Advanced Data Visualization with Notes – NEW FEATURE, View reporting data with new visualization options. Add notes to the chart and export annotated charts as PDF files.
  • Advanced PPC Campaign Management, Track your PPC, Display, Email and other campaigns all in one place.
  • Merchandise Reporting, Identify purchase patterns to help promote profitable products.
  • Visitor Click Path Analysis – UPGRADED FEATURE, Analyze visitor click paths to track popular paths and identify common drop-off points.
  • Pre-Configured Conversion Funnels and Ad Hoc Scenarios, In addition to viewing pre-defined conversion funnels, create new sales funnels on-the-fly and apply them to historical data.
  • Workflow Management, Make site monitoring and report management easier and less time-consuming.
  • Fast Deployment, Copy and paste our tracking code into your web pages and tracking begins almost immediately.

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