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Change Processor Name in Windows XP


When opening system properties on Windows Xp you’ll see processor type and processor name in the general tab. To make your computer processor look impressive you can edit your windows Windows XP registry. By editing registry for example you can change the processor name from celeron became dual core, core 2 duo, Quad core or other.

I tested this registry hack to change processor types on my computer look impressive on Windows XP. I don’t know this registry hack work or not on old widows or newest windows version.

For example, I want to change data processor type on my computer from Intel celeron to intel quad core. You can look the picture below before and after the processor type edited using registry setting.

Defaut value (actually the processor type on my computer is celeron):


Processor type look after editing registry entry:


Here how to change processor name on Windows XP:

  • Open registry editor
  • Go to this registry key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE | HARDWARE | DESCRIPTION | System | CentralProcessor | 0”
  • On right Panel right click registry string called “ProcessorNameString” then click Modify. Change the value data on to e.g “Intel(R) Pentium(R) Quad Core 2.8 Ghz”
  • Save your registry setting and Open the system properties on your windows. the processor type on your computer has changed.

Note: this values is not permanent, after computer restart the value will back to the default.

Posted by Fz 5 Responses

5 Responses to “Change Processor Name in Windows XP”

  1. change system manufactor name says:

    reply please sir,before information very usefull

  2. raghav says:

    sir ,Plz tell me how to make it permanent

    or create a VBS Scripts

  3. Fz says:

    @raghav, sorry I don’t have script to make it permanent

  4. 1 of IT guy says:

    @ Raghav, Cheating is a bad habit.

  5. nished says:

    hello anybody have the idea to make the permanent/


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