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How to Reset Canon iP1880, IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series


This tutorial solutions to reset canon iP 1880 or canon iP1800 series Using Software Resetter Canon iP1880 and this resetter work also on canon pixma iP1100, canon pixma iP2500. Before reset using this software resetter you must reset the printer hardware manually. This way to prevent error or hang when running resetter Canon iP1880 on your computer. This reset method to reset waste ink counter on the printer models above.

Here the tutorial to reset Canon Pixma iP1880. The following reset method has tested and work perfectly to reset waste ink counter.

Step 1: Reset hardware

  1. Press Resume button hold for 1 – 2 minutes
  2. Open the cover
  3. Release the catridge and then put catridge again
  4. Close The Cover
  5. Turn Off
  6. then Turn On again

Step 2: Reset Software using general tools

  • Download software resetter or general tools for canon pixma iP1880 : Download service tool for Canon iP1880
  • Driver should have been install correcly.
  • Connect USB cable.
  • Before connect power, press and hold power button then connect the power.
  • At the same time Hold power button, and press reject button for 2 times then release power button.
  • Run software resetter for canon iP1880.
  • Don’t forget to open lock release in the software. ( note : to view locK release menu, min resolution 1024 x 728)
  • Then select Set Destination to iP1880
  • Click MAIN and PLATEN
  • Finally test print by click TEST PATTERN1.

Note : for permanent reset waste ink canon iP1880 Printers pls, resetting use software resetter. Above way can be used at canon IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series

Posted by Fz 62 Responses

62 Responses to “How to Reset Canon iP1880, IP 1100, iP1800 and iP2500 series”

  1. angel says:

    thanks man you helped me big time…

  2. dennis says:

    wen i open the generaltool, it says error22,the ports are not suported.what can i do?

  3. shEiyNne says:

    i followed your procedures but my printer is still not working . my printer is saying that my cartridge are not installed properly ..

    what should i do . ?

  4. Fauzan says:

    @shEiyNne, I have ben tested this methode to reset waste ink counter and worked perfecly. in your problem maybe the cartridge not intalled correcly

  5. lie chien says:

    i’ve tried to reset with general tools but it’s not working at all… my printer still blinking… the light on resume button (orange) appear 5 times and the power (green) button appears 1 times…. and so just be like that… can u give me the solution???? By the way thanks…..

  6. Fauzan says:

    @Lie Chien, try iptool software, maybe it solve your proble.
    download the software here

  7. ocex says:

    maturnuwun mas, thx

  8. Zachi says:

    I had the problem of 5 orange blinks in my canon IP1800 I took out the power cable and plug it back while power bitton is pressed. Now I don’ thave teh orange blinks any more but when I try to print a document if do mothing πŸ™
    Please advise

  9. Zachi says:

    Please answer to this message so I wil get notificaiton by email

  10. Zachi says:

    afain, I forgot to check the check box

  11. Fauzan says:

    @Zachi, Maybe any error in your cartridges, please read this article, I hope this artilce helpfull

  12. nadz says:

    this didnt work for me.. my ink cartridges are at the correct place – as of what i can see – but then it still states that it’s not installed properly. I tried resetting and everything.. what should I do?

  13. budi says:

    My IP1800 run before, but now is blinking seven times (orange lamp). After I follow the instruction as follows, this didn’t work for me..:
    1.Download software resetter for canon pixma iP1880 : 2.Driver has been install correcly.
    3.Connect USB cable.
    4.Before connect power, press and hold power button then connect the power.
    5.At the same time Hold power button, and press reject button for 2 times then release power button.
    6.Run software resetter for canon iP1880.
    In this step, after the software came out, the software didn’t work..on the bottom screen there is:”wait a moment…” but nothing happen…
    I couldn’t open lock release or anything else..
    The cartridges are set up already. What should I do..?

  14. abusyafiq says:

    I’ve tried to reset my ip1880 with hardware method but did not work, does software method waork well?

  15. Fz says:

    Hi Abusafiq, the software has tested and work

  16. Adi says:

    Salam kenal, sy puny masalh dgn print canon ip1880, tdk bisa d operaskn lg. Selalu muncul “absobter ink full”dgn image print bground merah gelap. Ap yg hrs sy lakukan agr sy dpt mngunakny lg. Ktny hrs d reset dmn sy bs mndptkn sofware nya ? Ats perhatiany say ucapkn trmksih. Adi d riau.

  17. jesy says:

    i have done the methods published on the different site but it still doesn’t work..what should i do? someone kindly help me please…when i run the general tool software the program was not responding…
    tnx for the help

  18. jesy says:

    my printer is canon iP1880

  19. Fz says:

    @Jesy, solution for your problem, before doing reset software you must reset reset the hardware your canon iP1880 πŸ˜€

  20. ip1880 owner.. says:

    this works for me.. Thanks for posting this my friend.. you are a big help.. thanks and God Bless you..

  21. peter says:

    salut ! am o imprimanta canon ip 1800 nu mai functioneaza in sensul ca se aprinde si se stinge pe rand ledul verde si cel galben. ce e de facut ? cine ma ajuta si pe mine

  22. dd says:

    thanks it’s work god bless u

  23. anisthoha says:

    trims,berhasil………nice post

  24. master007 says:

    can not print any document on my canon ip1880 even after doing print head allignment,nozzle print and even resetting ink levels…what could be the problem???….please help me!!

  25. Paulo says:

    Thanks, it helps me a lot…my printer is now working in good condition..thanks

  26. lizzah pasquil says:

    anybody know how to reset for printer absorber is full- error
    thank you..

  27. Fz says:

    @lizzah pasquil, manual reset methode for Canon iP1700 and iP1800 can be applied on iP1980. I have tested this method and work on iP1980

  28. G-Force46 says:

    Tanks…… it,s work..^_^

  29. wyeth says:

    hi.. i need a man with a good heart who can send me on my email,a canon resetter for ip1880.. please do so!

  30. Jay says:

    I Have IP1800 cannon printer which shows msg that is saying that my cartridge are not installed properly even ive tried to install them many times, ive tried the above methods but didnt help much, can anyone help me or advice me what to do..?

  31. Fz says:

    @Jay, Yesterday I had the same problem as you. The cartridges on my canon iP1700 cannot recognized and the problem solved after after I perform the following steps:
    1. Switch on on the printer then click resume button one time.
    2. Turn off the printer then turn on again and the problem on my printer solved.
    Maybe this method can solve your problem

  32. big boy says:

    .i have problem..i want to printer error to fix it back???

  33. Uusbotak says:

    i have trouble with Blinking Orange LED 11 times,Now it’s Clearly ,Thank Guy your job is nice

  34. Gmcox says:

    Thanks for this very helpful solution. 100% working

  35. Denzil says:

    wow absolutely works for my epson ip1980… Mabuhay from Philippines =) Thank you…

  36. omtik says:

    Evrytime i start generaltools (USB connect to the ip1980), it stopped imediately
    why? I’ve try this several time but it didn’t work. thx

  37. Fz says:

    @omtik, You must reset manually your printer before using the software

  38. Xarius says:

    I downloaded General tools from the link provided in this tutorial, followed the steps one by one, and I got my Canon IP1800 printer running. Big thanks from Romania πŸ™‚

  39. eugene says:

    what will i do? my canon iP1980 is not working anymore. It appears error 5600 on my computer screen everytime i try to print some files. Pls help me.

  40. biswajit says:

    i want canon ip1200 printer software. but i could not find out that software. so what i have to do for canon ip1200 printer software. plz help me

  41. leo says:

    I am using Windows Vista.
    My Printer ip1880

    Every times i try to running the General Tool for reset this printer always appear this message
    “GeneralTool MFC Application has stopped working”

    I hope one of you can give an answers for the results.

    thank you.
    My regards


  42. jowaylow says:

    hi.. im using canon ip1880., my problem is this error 5100., tnx in advance

  43. Pau says:

    hi, i got this problem that my ip1880 has blinking orange light on the resume button. and it appears on the printer that my cartridge are not installed properly. hoping for your reply thanks!

  44. Fz says:

    @Pau, If the manual reset methods above does not work on your printer, try this reset method: Press resume button for about 15 seconds. Turn the printer off and switch on again

  45. azlansaharmalaysia says:

    help me…………
    my canon pixma ip 1880 cant print my work sheets………….window xp
    how to fix this “an ink cartridge is not installed properly……open the…..bla….bla…bla…..”
    any solution to fix it….. Its many times i tries press resume button as solution above….install cartridge properly,cover it back, turn it off and on it again……but it doesnt work on my canon ip 1880…….any suggestion to fix it……thanks for feedback….TT_TT……..

  46. jun enciso says:

    Thanks..i have successfully reset my canon ip 1880 printer…

  47. oSCARFACEo says:

    Thank you very much sir it really works on my IP1880 Series..thank you..God bless u more..

  48. brenda says:

    my printer need to be reset becoz it have reach it maximum printing job.

  49. Arjay says:

    anyone know how to reset canon iP 1880, the re-setter didn’t work, anyone has a update resetter?? thanks in concerns

  50. Selvin says:

    Hola tengo el problema que un cartucho esta mal instalado pero me bajo el programa pero se friza en windows 7 ultimate de 64 bits lo ejecuto como compatibilidad de windows xp sp3, y administrador y nada!!!…… ayudame porfavor

  51. Mel Lauretta says:

    There’s a spot that is close to my condo however I can’t find almost any evaluations on them. Do any of you know anything at all about them?

  52. anwar says:

    error Number: 5200

    a printer error has occurred turn the printer off and then on again if this doesnt clear the error, see the users guid for detail

  53. me says:

    i have reset my printer manually and then running the general tool,,but it still can’t be used,, general tool MFC has stopped working,, what’s wrong?

  54. Fz says:

    @me, the error maybe caused the software does not detect your printer properly

  55. freeworld says:

    i bought a canon ip4790, do you have a resetter for canon ip4790? tnx

  56. james says:

    I would like to ask if resetting an error degrades the overall life of the printer? This article says that resetter software may be malware. πŸ™

  57. Momak says:

    Hello, i have a problem. When I start this program in the bottom of the window is written “Wait a moment” but after an hour, nothing happens and if I try to do something it just blocks. Please help me.. πŸ™‚

  58. Rajesh says:

    thank you for the information which is really working

  59. R says:

    I have an iP1880, and this software worked for me. However, after installing the software and applying the correct settings for my printer, I had to quit the software and then restart it while my printer was on. This allowed the software to initialize and find the correct printer port.

    Also, the ink cartridges do not always seat properly when installed, so they often must be removed and reinstalled, making sure they properly click in place. If the ink cartridges are not seated properly, the printer will not work.

    After resetting my printer and printing test sheets with this software, I had to quit the software and turn my printer off and on before I could use it.

    Thanks for the software. My printer has been a real headache! Also, it would be nice to know what all of the other buttons in the software specifically do. Is there any literature on that? πŸ™‚

  60. Romak says:

    Man I still have a problem on this.
    Every time I do manual reset on my iP1800, the printer creates another USB virtual port or a copy on my printers list. The reset process only applies on this virtual port not on the original port.

    After the reset process and turn off-on the printer, it reverts back to original port and the printer status remains the same like nothing happens.

    As I said, the manual reset process creates another virtual port where iPtools executes the reset process and not on my printers original state… (sigh)

  61. Nitin Shringare says:

    Thanks man you r gr8

  62. zhoel says:

    help and tanks


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